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Look How Well It Goes Tesla Motors Inc!

Tesla is the company that shined lately by its impressive results. Not only that its sales increased more than expected, but also the profit on shares beat expectations by far. On 15th of July Tesla was included in the Nasdaq 100, index that tracks the largest companies on the exchange. The place was freed by Oracle which moved to the New York Stock Exchange. Thursday, August 08 2013, the Nasdaq 100 Index rose, driven by gains in the technology sector. In this respect, Tesla Motors Inc … [Read more...]

Is Hewlett Packard on the Edge of a 20% Fall?

Chart: HPQ, Daily The answer for this question is in my opinion, yes! Hewlett Packard (HPQ) has reported earnings above expectations of 0.87$ per share but the price continued to rise at a moderate pace. Starting with the April low the shares gained over 45%, rising almost 9 bucks. The power of the bulls dropped with each higher high. And this can be seen in the chart, because it has drawn a Rising Wedge. The pattern was accompanied by a fall in the trading volume which also shows that … [Read more...]

Looking for a 15% Drop on eBay Share Price

Chart: eBay Inc. Weekly In almost 4 years eBay Inc. gained about 480%, rallying from 10$ per share all the way to 58 dollars per share, having an all-time high around 59 bucks. From the first day of 2013 the price started to consolidate itself in a rectangle. This price pattern was drawn right above the rejection line of an ascending channel. Until now the buyers did not have enough force to drive the price through the key resistance and now it will be even harder. The company announced a … [Read more...]

Apple Inc. Is Signaling a 5% Drop on Rising Wedge

Chart: AAPL, H1 The stock of the week is Apple Inc. with a pretty interesting price pattern.  After the 15% drop started at the beginning of June the stock managed to gain back 61.8. On the way up the price started drawing a Rising Wedge, which topped at 430.50$ per share. The price pattern was formed during the last 3 weeks. In all this time it can be observed that the volume started to drop. Next to this signals we can also add the 14 periods RSI which has made a negative divergence and … [Read more...]

Price for Alcoa Inc. Fell Under a Critical Support Level

The Chinese economy is slowing down and it is getting more visible with every week. The week data coming from the real economy forces the officials to take bold measures. The slowdown is affecting the commodities price, because the country imports less. The price of the industrial metals has fallen constantly for the past several weeks. Chart: AA, Weekly The price of aluminum has fallen almost 12% in the past 4 weeks. This drop had a negative impact on the Alcoa Inc. (AA) stock price. … [Read more...]

Activision Blizzard Inc.(ATVI) Drawn a Broadening Formation

Chart: ATVI, Daily Activision Blizzard Inc. (ATVI) is a worldwide publisher of online, personal computer, console handled and mobile interactive entertainment products. From January 2013 the stock’s price gained over 50%. From March price continued to gain but at a slower pace and started to consolidate in what now we can see as a Broadening Formation. This pattern is usually found in distribution areas and signals a reversal of the uptrend. This type of Broadening is just like a … [Read more...]

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.(BBBY) has got to a Cross Roads

Do you remember this stock? On 13th of March I have published an analysis, NASDAQ: Bed Bath & Beyond Inverted Head and Shoulders, in which I have predicted an up move of the stock to 65$, 67.5% and eventually another top over 75.85$ per share. Chart: BBBY, Daily In three months the price has hit 2 of my targets, gaining 10 dollars (about 16.5%). Now it got to a cross roads point. The price hit a resistance at 70.40 and bounced back 2 times already. The pattern that has emerged … [Read more...]

3 Interesting Stock Charts You might Want to Look Over

Chart: AAPL, Monthly We took a look over the Monthly chart of Apple Inc. some time ago and wanted to share with you this fantastic view. The price of Apple’s share dropped from almost 700$ to 400$ where it found also the 50% retrace from the preceding up trend. Right at this round number we can see that the price has drawn a Hammer type candlestick pattern, after which a consolidation started. If the price will break 463$/share then it might rally to 500.00 or even farther to 550$ per … [Read more...]

McDonalds Took a Break While Consolidating in a Triangle

In 2012 McDonalds Corp. (NYSE: MCD) share price has moved more or less in a range, closing the year though, with a small loss. It was not that big of a deal because in January 2013 a new rally started, which has stopped only after a 17% gain. Chart: MCD, Daily This up move has broken the September – October 2012 highs really fast and after a short retest it went after the 2012 high, which was broken in March. After touching 103.70 the uptrend was interrupted by a sideways … [Read more...]

Johnson & Johnson Pulled Back from 90.00 Level

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) had a very good start in 2013. In less than 6 months the price of the shares has rallied in a pretty straight trend more than 30%. This up move did not have any important correction. It is not unbelievable if we think that in April they reported earnings above expectations for 9 quarters in a raw. Chart: JNJ, Daily Looking at the chart we will see that this uptrend has 3 important supports. The 9 and 21 EMA, and the trend line. Right after it has hit the … [Read more...]

HOT HOT HOT Websense Inc. Gapped up 28.5%

Websense Inc. (WBSN) is to be acquired by Vista Equity Partners, a leading private equity firm focused on investment in software. Chart: WBSN, Weekly It went up 28.5% right from the opening. Now it seem to stay at 24.74. There is possible to see a short comeback , maybe a retest on 24.00. The price got tight at the up line of a symmetrical triangle. A consolidation here, followed by a breakout could bring further rallies for this stock. … [Read more...]

Apple Inc. Might Pullback 20% and Retest $500 Level

Chart: AAPL, H4 We were expecting at least a 5% drop in our last setup on AAPL (Trade Setup Apple Inc. Looking for a 5% Drop), but it fell almost 10%, retesting this way 50% of the up move. Looking now at the latest price action we can see that the price broke the down trend line in March, retested it at about 1 month distance and rallied back to the last top. After this last down move we expect for it to get back right up to the $467 per share. At this level it could become very … [Read more...]