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NZD/USD Forecast For April 14 - 18

The retracement we were talking about last week did not seem to matter too much for the NZDUSD bulls as the quotation broke the resistance level from 0.8700 and flied to a new annual high of 0.8745. Well, the macroeconomic data had its part as the good numbers that came from the economy showed that the recovery is stable. The NZIER Business Confidence had the same value as last month, while the Business NZ Manufacturing Index increased from 56.5 to 58.4, REINZ HPI indicators soared to 3.4% from … [Read more...]

NZD/USD Forecast For April 7 - 11

NZDUSD had the downfall we were warning about last week, but the bulls were hard to beat as the ascending trend continued Monday and Tuesday the 0.8700 level was hit. From that point all went downhill as even the macroeconomic data for New Zeeland did not help at all. The Building Consents fell with 1.7% which did not stop the investors to push the quotation higher. Then, the ANZ Business Confidence indicator came with a reading of 67.3, which was lower than last month, so this was another … [Read more...]

NZD/USD Forecast For March 31- April 4

Even though NZDUSD looked quite bearish for last week, the bulls were relentless and managed to push the price higher setting another annual high at 0.8700 from which it retraced a bit and closed the week at 0.8650. The one and only macroeconomic indicator for New Zeeland last week proved to be essential for bulls’ justification of raising the quotation as the trade balance came at the highest level since May 2011. As a result, the price itself was again pushed towards the highs of … [Read more...]

NZD/USD Forecast For March 24 - 28

Last week, NZDUSD got through a rollercoaster of emotions as the price set a higher high at 0.8640 and then to have practically a symmetrical downfall and to arrive almost in the same place as it started the week. The macroeconomic data was kind of neutral to bad and had a medium impact on the markets. The Westpac Consumer Sentiment came better than last month with a reading of 121.7. The Current Account was on a deficit of 1.43B, which was slightly better than the forecasted value of … [Read more...]

NZD/USD Forecast March 17 - 21

RBNZ kept his promise and raised the official cash rate from 2.5% to 2.75%, being the first developed country to make this move since the financial crisis from 2008. The macro data helped as well. Manufacturing Sales increased with 6.3% while the REINZ HPI indicator with 2.1%. The Business NZ Manufacturing Index gave a positive tone to the markets after it was published above 50.0 with a reading of 56.2, which represents expansion of the economy. After the rate hike from Wednesday, NZDUSD hit … [Read more...]

NZD/USD Forecast March 10-14

Even though there was not any major macro publication from New Zeeland economy and in spite of the positive macro data from the American economy, NZDUSD had a very good week and hit a four month high. This could be explained by the risk appetite law which states that when the US dollar gets stronger, investors raise their risk appetite and start to sell American dollars and buy more risky currencies, like NZD for example. Another reason is the speculation that appeared in the markets which … [Read more...]

NZD/USD Forecast March 3-7

The bulls had the upper hand last week and managed to push higher the NZDUSD quotation, gaining almost 100 pips. The indicators for the New Zeeland economy really helped this time and posted a better than expected trade balance surplus (306 million NZD). The ANZ Business Confidence continued the pleasant surprises with an improvement from 64.1 to 70.8 levels. Also, at the beginning of the week the data from the US were still weak, giving NZDUSD a solid advance. Economic Calendar ADP Non-Farm … [Read more...]

NZD/USD Forecast February 24 - 28

The kiwi had a rough week after the macroeconomic data from New Zeeland was pretty weak with all three publications being below expectations. The highlights of the week were the retail sales, which fall short of the forecasted value with an increase of just 1.2% in comparison with 1.7%, which was the expected value.  The downside of NZDUSD was magnified by the data from the American economy that even was kind of weak, the Flash Manufacturing PMI came way better than the expectations. Overall, … [Read more...]

NZD/USD Forecast February 17 - 21

NZDUSD had a good week, winning 120 pips after the American economy gives some tiredness signals. New Zeeland macro indicators were mixed with the REINZ HPI being reported weaker than last month’s (-2.4% vs. -1.0%) and the FPI which increased by 1.2% after last month came in negative territory. The Chinese economy helped the kiwi to advance in front of the US dollar with a trade balance way better than the market expectations. NZDUSD closed the week at 0.8369 hitting the best level in one … [Read more...]

NZD/USD Forecast January 20-24

The kiwi struggled and managed to gain during the first two days of this week. The price of NZDUSD hit a high at 0.8431 but this gain was quickly erased until the ending of 14th of January. Even though the NZIER Business Confidence rose to 52, all the way from 38, it wasn’t enough to maintain a higher NZD. Next week’s main important release would be the CPI. Continue reading to see what is expected for the inflation in New Zealand, what are the other economic releases and what are the technical … [Read more...]

NZD/USD Forecast For January 13-17

The New Zealand Dollar started 2014 on positive ground in pair with the American dollar. This week’s top release is the NZIER business confidence. If you would like to find more, you will find in this article analysis on the fundamental releases and a technical view over the price action of the NZD/USD currency pair. Last week the NZD started with the left foot, but it managed to recover on Friday after the bad labor market releases from the USA, which pushed investors to sell the US dollar … [Read more...]