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USD/JPY Forecast For May 5-9

The week that passed was an undecided one for USDJPY; the quotation had a fluctuating path and closed the week almost at the same level it started. Monday and Tuesday, the bulls took the price around 102.80 so that Wednesday the bears to take control and push it down to 102.00. A better than expected NFP sent USDJPY sky rocketing towards 103.00 and beyond, but at the end of the day the quotation stabilized at 102.22. On the macroeconomic side, the Japanese economy still sends mixed signals as … [Read more...]

USD/JPY Forecast For April 28 - 2 May

The Japanese yen was in total control last week having been 5 days out of 5 in the positive territory in front of the US dollar. This is largely due to the escalation of the geopolitical conflict from Ukraine and the “Cold War” between Russia and the United States. The latter even threatened that will impose new sanctions to Russia if it continues its aggressive foreign policy regarding Ukraine. Other than that, last week was kind of poor regarding the macro publications while investors were … [Read more...]

USD/JPY Forecast For April 14 - 18

USDJPY had a downfall last week amid a selloff of the US dollar, pushing the quote again towards the 101.00 level. Even though the macro indicators from the Nippon economy were weak, the most important one, current account, managed to stabilize around a deficit of -0.04T which was the forecasted value, giving some force to the bullish investors. The event that basically led to the selloff of the US dollar and made the price to break the 103 support line was the BoJ Monetary Policy Statement and … [Read more...]

USD/JPY Forecast For April 7 - 11

USDJPY had a flying evolution for the first four days of the week and managed to establish a two month high above 104.00 level. Friday was the day the investors were waiting for because the NFP report had to be published. The new jobs created were more than the last month, but below the expectations, so the US dollar was hurt and USDJPY fell, closing the week at 103.24. The Japanese yen suffered losses last week because the macroeconomic data were pretty disappointing. The Manufacturing PMI … [Read more...]

USD/JPY Forecast For March 31 - April 4

USDJPY had a great Friday and managed to close the week on green. The quotation stopped at resistance level from 102.80 after the whole week was on the downside. The macroeconomic data from Japan was predominantly good. The retail sales y/y beat the expectations while the unemployment fell from 3.7% to 3.6%. However, the household spending y/y was published way below the expected value, an aspect the markets did not ignore and it prompted some concerns. The explanation for the appreciation of … [Read more...]

USD/JPY Forecast March 24 - 28

An interesting week in which USDJPY had a bumpy road, that ultimately turned into the appreciation of the US dollar in front of the Japanese yen breaking the 102 level and closing the week at 102.25. The macro indicators were in favor of the US dollar as the macroeconomic data from the Nippon economy disappointed once again. The trade balance was published below expectations with a deficit of 1.13T while the All Industries Activity indicator was printed at 1% whereas the forecasted value was … [Read more...]

USD/JPY Forecast March 17 - 21

Another week passed by and a new chapter was written in the hate story between Russia and Ukraine. Of course, all the tensions favored safe haven assets and the Japanese yen appreciated in front of the US dollar pushing it towards 101.33. Throughout the week, the West has warned Russia that it could face economic sanctions if it continues the standoff in Crimea. They did not come to any understanding and in this weekend Crimeans are voting whether to secede from Ukraine. The macroeconomic … [Read more...]

USD/JPY Forecast March 10-14

Last week was pretty intense and seemed like a roller coaster of emotions for the markets. The week started with the escalation of the Crimean conflict and USDJPY had a slide just to soar for the reminder of the week after Vladimir Putin declared that there is no immediate need to invade the Ukraine. As a result, safe haven assets took a blow and the US dollar gained, managing to break the 103 level and to send the USDJPY quotation to 103.20. Besides the geopolitical conflict form the … [Read more...]

USD/JPY Forecast March 3-7

USDJPY had a downfall last week after the Japanese economy showed some signs of strength. The household spending improved with a rate of 1.1% and the expected value was 0.5%.  The most pleasant surprises were the industrial production and retail sales with both of them being published above expectations. Another important indicator that didn’t disappoint was Tokyo Core CPI that also came above expectations proving that “Abenomics” is making some progress. Also, the political turmoil from … [Read more...]

USD/JPY Forecast February 24 - 28

USDJPY capped a weekly advance amid speculation the Federal Reserve will keep cutting stimulus while BoJ maintains its record bond-purchase plan. Although Wednesday, the FOMC minutes signaled a possibility of a slowdown in the pace of stimulus cuts if the economy would show a prolonged period of bad macro publications, Friday appeared speculations that FED is unlikely to slow the pace of stimulus cuts. Macro indicators played an important role in the appreciation of the US dollar in relation … [Read more...]

USD/JPY Forecast February 17 - 21

USDJPY lost ground overall last week after the American economy continued to surprise on the downside, but the Japanese one is not doing better either. The greatest disappointment came from the current account indicator, which was published way below expectations (-0.2 T), being the widest current account deficit on record for the Nippon economy. Retail sales and the industrial production fell short of the expectations with a decrease of -0.4%, respectively -0.3% while the University of Michigan … [Read more...]

USD/JPY Forecast February 3-7

Last week closed almost unchanged for the USDJPY, although the economic data published surprised with better than estimates readings. The biggest surprise came from the National Core CPI which rose at 1.3%, surpassing the forecasts with 0.1%. A disappointment was the Prelim Industrial Production which rose with 1.1% and it was expected a 1.3% growth. Investors took into consideration the fact that the inflation is heading the right way for Japan and they trust the country’s economy, so they … [Read more...]