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FOMC Monetary Policy: Yellen Sings, Markets Dance

This week a highly anticipated FOMC Press Conference took place, which was practically the first one for the newly appointed FED Chairman, Janet Yellen. The analysts and the media were expecting some guidance, which would shift from a forward guidance to a qualitative guidance. But first, let’s have a quick recap of the changes that happened with FED monetary policy since the beginning of the tapering. In December 2013, the Federal Reserve had decided to start trimming the monthly monetary … [Read more...]

15 January Wrap UP – Why Did The Markets Rally?

Today was a pretty interesting trading day. The European and American stock markets rallied to new highs on mixed economic data release from both sides. The US dollar surprised with a sustained rally throughout the trading hours and while Gold and Silver stood still. The economic calendar showed today an European Trade Balance slightly under estimates, at 16.0B and a lower than expected PPI (0.4%, but an increase in the core PPI% - 0.3%) followed by the Empire State Manufacturing Index, … [Read more...]

Our Outlook For The First Non-Farm Payrolls In 2014

On 18th December, FED dropped the T bomb, starting to taper its aggressive bond-buying program to $75 billion a month. What happened then? EURUSD and Gold fell like a rock. Three weeks after, the preliminary job market report, ADP, shows a number of 238K new created jobs and the forecast was 200K. Based solely on the ADP number, the FED was right to taper and the markets responded accordingly. The dollar strengthened and gold slipped no surprise whatsoever there. Having these aspects in … [Read more...]

China Investing Opportunities for 2014 - Pros and Cons

China is known as one of the emerging countries (next to South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong) whit an amazing rhythm of growth (7-8% increase of the GDP), currently having the position of the second largest economy in the world and seriously threatening to take the first place in this rank (currently held by the United States). China was not always the economic power it is today. This meteoric rise started in 1978 along, with Deng Xiaoping’s reform program. A look in the past... By … [Read more...]

What to look for in the Economic Calendar this Week

Even though the beginning of the week was pretty calm, next days we might encounter a rise in the volatility for the Forex market because of the economic releases. At this point the markets are quite stable. The US dollar is week after the speech of Janet Yellen and the Euro is not that powerful because of the latest rate cut. Let us take a look over the most important economic publishes of this week: … [Read more...]

Bank of England Gives Good News, Again!

The BOE’s Governor Mark Carney hold today a press conference through which brought positive news for the British economy and the worldwide investors. Considering the recent events, we can observe a sustained growth rate, even if the Euro zone is still transmitting an instability feeling. Analyzing the recent developments, July may be considered the latter period of worrying, when they raised the issue of households and companies which seemed to move more slowly. Also during this period, … [Read more...]

The Most Likely Scenarios of the ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Aftermath

The monetary policy meeting of the European Central Bank for November is going to take place. In this context, the whole economic world's focus is directed through the possible major changes that can be announced with this occasion and their possible major effects. In order to present to you an overview of this important monthly event of the EURO zone, we drew up a synthesis article. … [Read more...]

Prepare for High Volatility in the Forex Market

This week has started with a shortage of the US dollar. Investors went for riskier currencies (Euro, Cable, Aussie, Kiwi, etc.), from the first hours of trading. The stock indices continued to trade sideways while gold and silver had a pretty interesting jump, but did not keep the gains. This week can get very interesting starting with tomorrow. In the table below you will find the economic indicators that might have the highest impact on the Forex market and will be published in the economic … [Read more...]

What Signals is the U.S.’s Economy Transmitting?

Taking in consideration the most recent published economic indicators, that aim the American market, we can consider the following deductions: The core retail sales, which excludes the automobiles, came in line with the expectations increasing 0.4%. It clearly indicates the fact that the consumers were stimulated to buy in September, sustaining a good rhythm of the economy, before the government shutdown “muddied the waters”. Retail sales, which includes the automobiles, missed … [Read more...]

United Kingdom Gives Momentum to the Euro Zone

During the summer, the Bank of England promised to keep the benchmark rate at 0.5% at least until the unemployment rate falls to 7% and the economy starts transferring signals of a strong pace of recovery. Recently, positive signs became more and more visible, as the unemployment rate decreased to 7.7%, raising the hopes to see the labour market remarkable improved by 2015. Still, other parameters need to be considered, as the inflation which remains at 2.7% and threatens to be nearing to 3%. In … [Read more...]

The American Jobs Report Doesn’t Indicate Any Direction

The most expected indicator of the American labour market failed to bring the expected numbers. Thus, the Non-Farm Payroll was reported at the value of 148k new jobs created last month.  Taking in consideration the last period of time, economists seem to become reluctant when it comes to consider the NFP in the general picture of the economy. At all events, 148 000 new jobs created doesn’t say about the economy that is strengthening but it rather hardly keeping at a pace close to the normal … [Read more...]

What to Expect for next Week from the Forex Market

Last week the United States have avoided a default with several hours before the deadline. Because the government shutdown a lot of institutions did not work and the economic calendar suffered modifications and some of the usual indicators were not published. One of the most important is the Non-Farm Payrolls which should have been published in the first Friday of this month. Next week’s calendar looks something like … [Read more...]