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Eyes are on Ben Bernanke

Tomorrow Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is expected to release relevant information about the evolution of the Quantitative Easing program. If there will be changes, they are expected to be implement on progressive steps. The market is expected to be volatile, especially when we speak about the EUR/USD pair and the gold market. Also tomorrow we expect important announcements. Bank of Japan’s press conference, a speech of the Swiss National Bank’s Chairman Thomas Jordan and the Bank of England is … [Read more...]

GOLD On An Ongoing Downward Trend

Today gold touched the $1337/ounce low, very close to the local low at $1321/ounce. The perspective for the precious metal is bearish, showing the increased appetite for risk of the investors. Forecasts are dwindling and it seems that gold lost for the moment its status of safe heaven. Goldman Sachs negatively review its outlook down to $1545/ounce in 2013 (previously suggesting the $1610/ounce level). If last month the forecasted low of $1350/ounce was touched, this month we see the price in … [Read more...]

Sell In May And Go Away

This saying is defined as entering the market at the beginning of November and exiting at the end of April. Researches found a better performance of the stocks starting with November and finishing with April while for the other 6 months left it’s not such a good period to make profits. Known as the Halloween effect, it represents a seasonal anomaly of the financial markets along with the January effect, Monday effect or the Turn of the Month effect. The researches made up in 1998 proved that … [Read more...]

Again Europe

If the United States came up with positive news for investors which refer to the University of Michigan’s sentiment today released at 83.7 (the maximum of the last five months), for Europe the situation may not be the same. The countries of Euro zone are now dealing with the fact that Germany may lose its top economy position. If this country doesn’t make changes and doesn’t implement reforms, things may get worse. Moreover, economist are getting worry about the cut of interest rate as a … [Read more...]

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Receives Praise

Japan’s economy is the leader in terms of improvements and good receptiveness to the monetary policy. Today’s release of the gross domestic product showing a more producing economy with 0.9% exceeds United States and confirms investors that the new Prime Minister is taking good decisions. Private consumption rose at 0.9% (as expectations) showing that people are more oriented towards spending more, relying on the economy which would supply them with higher salaries (industrial production … [Read more...]

Europe producing less

Today was a day full of relevant information about the Euro zone. More accurate, the quarterly gross domestic product situation for the engines of the European economy. If the German GDP missed the expectations (0.3%) showing that the real economy only produced 0.1%, France came up with a negative surprise of -0.2%. The same situation for Italy, which since December 2011 is constantly reporting negative figures for the GDP, including the last report of -0.5%. The greatest impact is given by … [Read more...]

Fitch’s rating for Greece is back to B-

Greece is on the right path, Fitch reversed the cut made last year in May, giving back the B- rating. This decision is intended to show that the country is still carefully observed but important steps have been taken in order to get to real economic recovery. Even if the end of the year promises not to bring any changes concerning the rating, next year we may see some movements depending on the situation in that period. The rating agency is motivating its decision based on the real … [Read more...]

Good News or Bad News?

The U.S. debt ceiling, which was supposed to be reached on 19th of May, is not getting to its expiration day until the Labor Day because of some cash flows. Therefore, the Congress may relax and search for the optimal solution, but would that happen? Or, in September this year, the United States’ debt will be left with no solution but with a bunch of people who not even in the last minute can reach a deal and will choose again to extend the problem? Besides all this, the end of this year may … [Read more...]

European Banking Union Will Happen

“We need to take difficult steps in order to get to sustainable and lasting economic recovery”, suggested George Osborne, Chancellor of Exchequer, on 10th of May at the G7 meeting. The markets are considered to be calm thanks to the measures taken so far but, in order to enjoy this calm, further preventive measures are required. Since the priorities have been set, monetary activism, fiscal responsibility and structural reform, there is left the implementation. The last fashion in the matter … [Read more...]

China Is Growing

The latest news about China revealed positive figures,with an increase of supply in money which touched 16.1% comparing with last month 15.7%, and more money borrowed by consumers and businesses. Even so, investors don't fully trust China as the world's biggest economy. Considering the changes that may take place in its monetary policy and the focus on an economy more consumption driven, we may see  China as a leader later than 2016, as economists predicted. Also, it's  important to keep an eye … [Read more...]

U.S. Unemployment Claims Decrease

The figures for unemployment claims in United States came out at a five-year low. This is the signal which made the Japanese yen touch 100 per dollar, a record high for the last 4 years. In the last period, the U.S. economy showed signs of recovery and Fed let us understood that is sympathetic with the economy and willing to adjust its policy depending on the evolution of the inflation and the labor market. On 10th and 11th of May will take place the G7 meeting. They may come up with … [Read more...]

BRICS – A new player in the world’s economy

The acronym BRIC (meaning Brazil, Russia, India and China) was first used in 2001 by Jim O’Neill, an economist at Goldman Sachs, to describe the emerging markets, in a report forecasting global economic trends over the next half century. In 2010, South Africa was invited to join the group which changed the name in BRICS. These emerging countries are known for a rapid pace of development, encompassing over 25% of the world’s land, 40% of the world’s population and the competitive advantage of … [Read more...]