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The Government Shutdown Will Be Avoided?

As anticipated, the American Government was saved at the eleventh hour. Following an agreement between Republicans and Democrats, the nation’s borrowing limit will be raised until the 7th of February and  the Government will reopen until the 15th of January. As the top priority of the Republicans, it has been decided to maintain the sequesters’ constraints. The American officials promised to come up with a long term debt plan by 15th of December, in order to avoid this kind of situations for … [Read more...]

U.S.’ Government Shutdown - The Countdown Started!

The number one problem of the last two weeks didn’t get a solution yet so the partial government shutdown stays in place as talks between the White House and House Republicans have entered in deadlock during the weekend. The 17th of October’s deadline is close and the government doesn’t have an agreement. As a matter of fact, the American Government seems to be comfortable with taking decision in the last moment so everybody is expecting the 17th of October in order to see a solution added to … [Read more...]

U.S. Runs a Vital Decision Making Process

The atmosphere in the United States maintains the excitement of the worldwide markets as important issues are still in the decision making process. Recently, the president Barak Obama announced the new chairwoman of the Federal Reserve Bank, the current vicepresidente Janet Yellen. As the mandate of the current chairman Ben Bernanke is finishing on 31st of January 2014, Janet Yellen is expected to assume the responsabilities if this job. Since the beginning of 2013 economists predicted the … [Read more...]

Italy Wants a Change While Euro Zone Remains Stable

Mario Draghi delivered a speech today, during which no spectacular information impressed investors and the benchmark interest rate was left unchanged as expected. More broadly, Mario Draghi’s promises are highlited by the engagement to ensure interest rates in line with price stability. The European Central Bank is ready to react to any weakness or error of the system as it disposes of a vast vary of instruments which have the power to reset the stability. As it concerns other aspects of the … [Read more...]

“Abenomics” Technique Comes With New Measures

Since the new Prime Minister Shinzō Abe was elected for this position, the Japanese citizens knew that they chose the right person in order to see radical changes implemented. Thus, the approach of Shinzō Abe consists of enlarged fiscal and monetary stimulus as well as important structural improvements in the Japanese economy. It is known from the beginning that the main target is to overcome the deflation, to solve the issue of the national debt and to sustain the economic growth of the … [Read more...]

The U.S. Congress is still Undecided

The federal debt ceiling issues maintains the thrill of these days as the Congress hasn’t reach an agreement yet. President Obama is confident that the government won’t get to the point of shutdown as this scenario would be devastating the american economy. As is was observed in the past, this kind of events, when the government shows weakness and uncertainty, results in a degradation of the business and consumer confidence sectors. As expected consequences of this situation we can observe … [Read more...]

Federal Debt Ceiling - The Current Issue of the U.S.

The shortest definition of the federal debt ceiling situation of the United States (currently estimated at over 16,700 billion) is that the country is spending more that is collecting and each year it finds itself in the same situation, of spending more and more than it is managing to take in by taxes. To find its way out of this situation, the government is issuing bonds which are purchased by investors around the world, mainly by China and Japan. Why should everybody care about the federal … [Read more...]

Three Aspects You Should Know about the Euro Zone

First of all, Greece is now feeling the peace before the storm as in November is going to be decided if it needs an additional bailout from the European countries. Since this would be the third substantial loan required, the minister of finance Evangelos Venizelos is trying to persuade the International Monetary Fund and the European Union that Greece may not need another bailout because it is capable to sustain its expenditure. The healthiest support would be the reintegration in the bond … [Read more...]

The U.S. Remember the Problems of the Past

The end of the month will bring to the American government the end of the budget. Until recently, everybody’s mind was occupied by the Quantitative Easing program’s fate and the next decision that FOMC is considering. Thus, gold remained at low levels, not signaling any concerns. Now that the fever has passed, the Treasury returned to the spotlight. As the problem of the government spending and the possible raising of the debt ceiling are mentioned, we could observe the main indexes of the … [Read more...]

Euro Area Strengthens, Merkel Remains a Major Player

The most awaited news for the Euro zone was the result of the German elections. As everybody was expecting, Angela Merkel’s Conservative Party won with 41.4% of the vote while her Liberal partner failed to make it into the Parliament. The result of the election pleased central banks as urgent matters concerning their activity need the involvement of the chancellor who now is finally established. Today were released the PMIs for the services and manufacturing sectors for French, Germany and … [Read more...]

Gold is Reacting to News About QE3

As Wednesday Fed decided to maintain the Quantitative Easing Program in place, we could see the American dollar dropping but indices as DAX, Standard & Poor’s 500, Nasdaq and Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching historical highs. This decision was felt and integrated in the price of gold. Since Ben Bernanke announced a possible change of the stimulus program, we saw the price of gold increasing at a steady pace. Since the beginning of 2013, gold lost nearly 20% anticipating a reduction … [Read more...]

The Prime Event of the Weekend: Elections in Germany

Sunday, 22nd of September, will be held the elections for the position of Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, known as the head of government, the third most important person in the state which also has the most responsibility of all the first mentioned.  Since 2005, this position was managed by Angela Merkel who now is ending her second mandate. The current Chancellor of Germany is leading the CDU/CSU (Christian Democratic Union/ Christian Social Union) grouping knows as the … [Read more...]