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Stocks to Watch

We like to focus on stocks from NYSE and NASDAQ from all kinds of categories not just finance, tech or energy. Investazor's vision is oriented towards stock trading, so we follow news and price actions on short term intervals instead of looking for long value investing opportunities. Important fundamental markers like quarterly reports and macroeconomic indications are taken in to consideration, along with dividends status or growth spikes.
The best thing about trading stocks is that you never know when the next Apple or Google is going to show up, but you always have to be prepared.

Twitter’s Annual Meeting and Future Perspectives

With Twitter holding its annual meeting on Wednesday, the stock’s price is declining towards 30$ per share after climbing a high of almost 75$ in December 2013. Since then, the microblogging site had a downfall and suffered a big drop in market value, a fact which made some analysts to say that Twitter is a “victim of blind investors and hype”. At the beginning of February we had the first earnings report since the IPO in November last year and the disappointment was pretty big as the … [Read more...]

Will Facebook Have The Same Fate As Apple?

Yesterday, I was expecting Apple to show some good earnings report and to put on a stellar performance, surging towards $588 in two days. An EPS better than expected didn’t matter as the revenue forecast for the second, $42-44 billion, fell short to the market expectation of $46 billion and the shares took a dive and reached $505 in after-market trading hours. Today we have the social media giant, Facebook, ready to post its earnings report and the question is what should we look at? … [Read more...]

Apple – Ready To Make A Bullish Statement?

At the beginning of December, I said that Apple should be in your portfolio as the company was on the verge on striking a deal with China Mobile. They made the deal, but Apple did not move up as much as expected, on the contrary, the shares kind of stagnated. But, today’s earnings report is the moment to show if Apple recovered from the slump it has been last year and it seems that markets’ momentum is bullish for Apple once again. Investors expect the revenues gains to be driven by … [Read more...]

Busy Day At The Office With Microsoft, McDonald’s And Starbucks Reporting

Thursday is a busy day at the office with one of the most iconic three brands on earth reporting their financial earnings: Microsoft, McDonald's and Starbucks. I will start with McDonald's, its logo being probably the most recognizable on the globe and happens to be the largest global chain of fast food restaurants. Based on the company's recent evolution, McDonald's remains a safe instrument for investing in the long term, presenting some stagnancy over the last year, up only 5% in the last … [Read more...]

Netflix Reports, Are You Ready For High Volatility?

I continue the earnings reports series with the leading Internet television network, Netflix. In a former article about Netflix, back in November, I said that I expect the stock not to go under the support area from $324 until February and with a couple of days until then the price is around $323, which was a pretty close forecast. Before going into the earnings report specifics, let’s take a look at some statistics. According to NPD’s “The State of SVOD” report, 32 percent of U.S. households … [Read more...]

Can IBM Gain 5% In Two Days?

The quarterly earnings report season is back and promises a hell of surprising moves in the markets. These days the banking sector was in the center of the attention with Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup reporting on duty. The first three did pretty well and managed to beat Wall Street’s expectations while the latter was last week’s biggest disappointment in the sector, missing top- and bottom-line expectations. Today we have in full focus one of the tech giants, … [Read more...]

Apple Inc. Price Action Entering the 5th Wave

On the 27th of June the price of Apple Inc.’s stocks reached the second low of the Double Bottom pattern ,confirmed in the end of July by a breakout above 463$ per share. The pattern gave a very good signal for the trend reversal. From the beginning of July until the mid of September the price has drawn a 5 small waves up moves, drawing Wave 1 on a higher level, and an abc correction, ending as well the 2nd wave. From 16th of July started another up move formed by 5 lower rang waves, which in … [Read more...]

Is Nike Still A Buy In 2014?

Nike is one of the world's largest suppliers of athletic shoes and apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment. The brand alone is valued at $10.7 billion, making it the most valuable brand among sports businesses in 2012. Nike is also a component of Dow Jones Industrial Average stock index and has recently hit a record high of $80. The more impressive is that its stock increased this year by 51%, which is more than double the rate of the Dow index. With ten days to go before the … [Read more...]

Why Should Apple and Twitter Stocks Be in Your Portfolio?

Twitter and Apple were in the spotlight last week with the social media company rallying to the best level in a month and the smartphone manufacturer which hit the highest point in a year. The timeline of the events which led to these moves for Apple is the following: On Wednesday, 4th of December, Apple announced the acquisition of Topsy for 200 million dollars, a company that analyzes Twitter data by allowing users to analyze millions of Twitter posts, helping them figure out trends, identify … [Read more...]

The Netflix Saga, Part 2: Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Going from the business model to the key growth drivers If in the first part we took the business model blocks piece by piece and we analyze how these make Netflix click, now it’s time to see the key growth drivers which are behind the company profitability and future prospects. These key growth drivers can be found in Netflix annual report and I am going to analyze them one by one. Also, the source of the financial numbers that I have used throughout this article is Netflix 2013 third … [Read more...]

The Netflix Saga, Part 1: Understanding the Business Model

Why Netflix? Netflix got my attention after I have read a bunch of articles about how insanely overinflated this company’s stocks really are. So, I thought the best way to see if critics are right or not is to learn as much as possible about Netflix and trying to understand their business model in order to express my opinion regarding their valuation. After doing the research I realized there is too much to be said in just one article post and I decided to split it in two parts. In the first … [Read more...]

Should We Invest in Twitter’s IPO ? Future Hit or Disappointment ?

The only reason for which you could not hear about Twitter’s IPO would be that you have been on the Moon for the last couple of months, Twitter will have its debut on the stock market’s stage today and is going to be the most expected initial public offering since Facebook’s rocky debut last year. The company set an initial price range of 17$ to 20$ per share which was raised this week to 23$ to 25$, settling for 26$ a share on late Wednesday. This latest price makes the micro-blogging company’s … [Read more...]