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Tesla Motors a Good Opportunity to Hunt for a Long

If you don’t remember our last analysis on Tesla Motors , here you have an update. The price of this stock got pretty close to the 200.00$ per share, but did not touch it. After a rejection the sellers managed to push the price back to a key support at 158.50 dollars per share. Chart: TSLA, Daily In the current state we can see a Hammer, candlestick pattern, which was formed on some higher volume, false breaking the support.  If the price will break the 170$ level, we could see a rally … [Read more...]

What’s Happening With Google?

Recently, the media unveiled the fact that Google Inc. is among the most valuable companies in the world with its shares  rising 14 percent to a record $1,011.41 per share. The boost in the price of shares was also sustained by the third-quarter revenue which cumulated $11.92 billion. Investors are excited about the evolution of the company, believing that the upward trend will be maintained for at least the foreseeable future. Despite the fact that the search provider giant is making … [Read more...]

Twitter Inc. Chirps Louder Now

Worldwide is known the fact that Twitter Inc. has filled in its IPO offering up 472,613,753 shares of stock in this initial release. Under these circumstances, Twitter had to reveal its revenues which for 2012 were $316.9 million and in the first half of 2013 they have already earned $253.6 million. The company is having 218.3 million monthly active users which have created over 300 billion tweets so far. As it concerns the IPO, Twitter is expecting to raise $1 billion. JOBS (Jumpstart Our … [Read more...]

Is Tesla’s Engine Still Going?

In May, this year, Tesla Motors got a boost of power and the price of its stocks started to rise at an alert pace. In less than 5 months the stocks gained 230%. Today it has reached another high at 189.69, getting one step closer to reaching 200$ per share. The engine that pushed the price that far from the April levels gives now some bad signals. The trend continued to rise fast, but the volumes started to drop. Dropping volumes on a move usually means that the move might turn around in the … [Read more...]

Three Stocks you should Keep an Eye on for next Month

Browsing my ‘to watch’ list for some interesting opportunities, I have found three stocks that you might also find interesting. First stock is BIDU (Baidu Inc.). From the first days of July the price of this company started an uptrend and in less than three months it has gained 75%, raising 67$. From the beginning of August the price started to draw a Rising Wedge. Today the price rallied to a new high, above 154$, but dropped pretty fast back to 150$ per share. If the day will close around … [Read more...]

Microsoft Takes Risks by Buying Nokia

Lately the world was witness to a lot of excitement coming from the technology sector which is changing at a rapid pace. After we have become accustomed whit Yahoo's impressive purchaces, Google acquired Motorola as a hardware partner and now Microsoft is buying Nokia's devices and services devision, patent licences, design patents and a lot of employees (32000), all for $7.18 billion. As the Windows Phones' market is dominated by Nokia, Microsoft may have made a smart decision. Giving the … [Read more...]

What Happened to Apple?

Apple Inc., as usual, released a new product for 2013. Actually this year there were two products released. Almost everybody expected the 5S to be made known, but there were rumors that a new and cheaper version of iPhone will be also released so that they will have a better leverage in competing with Samsung and others in this business. The new iPhone 5S, top of the line model, looks identically  with iPhone 5, but it’s got a better camera, a faster processor and Apple added a fingerprint … [Read more...]

Watch Out Apple’s Stocks

Good news started coming for Apple and better years are expected. The American multinational corporation is close to sign an important agreement with the biggest mobile carrier in the world, China Mobile. In order to have the full Asian market covered, Apple is considering a settlement to sell its mobile phones by Docomo, the Japan’s largest carrier. The deal with China has finally reached an agreement mainly because cheaper phones will be provided by Apple, the iPhone 5C which is considered to … [Read more...]

Vodafone and Verizon Reached an Agreement

The Vodafone Group decided to sell its 45% stake in Verizon Wireless for $130 billion according to the last press releases related to the negotiations. Sources are saying that Vodafone will get $58.9 billion in cash, $60.2 billion in Verizon stock and additional $11 billion in the beginning of the next year. For the following period, Vodafone is planning to extend on the European market which is its main target. In this respect, the company is about to make serious investments in countries like … [Read more...]

One step closer to a Fall from the Skies for Walt Disney Co.

Chart: DIS, Daily Remember our analysis 3 Stocks you Should keep an Eye on? Well, the price of Walt Disney shares have dropped from 68$. After a consolidation in a symmetrical triangle, the pressure started to turn on the down side. The lower line of the triangle couldn't stop the fall of the price and now it is found at a key support, 61.69$. The price pattern is looking now as a Double Top. A daily close under the base line of the pattern would confirm a breakout and might trigger a fall … [Read more...]

Apple, To Be Followed In The Next Period

Apple is back on the game, or better said… it always lead the mobile phone industry? At least on the American market, Apple is indeed the one with the greatest influence. According to a research made by Nielsen, 40% of American smartphone users own an iOS mobile device while 24.7% use mobiles with android operated by Samsung. Another surprise is to come in less than a month. On 10th of September, a new iPhone will be launched, iPhone 5S which is expected to bright by its brand new operating … [Read more...]

3 Stocks you Should keep an Eye on

Walt Disney Company Chart: DIS, Daily From October 2010 the price of Walt Disney Company shares started a bullish market. Ten months later, the price has gained 150% after reaching 67.70$ per share. From May 2013, when the price peaked, a triangle consolidation has started. At this point the pressure seems to be o on the lower line of the triangle. A breakout and a daily close under this line could signal a 9.5% drop back to the trend line. Do not rule out the possibility of a false … [Read more...]