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Watch Out Apple’s Stocks

Good news started coming for Apple and better years are expected. The American multinational corporation is close to sign an important agreement with the biggest mobile carrier in the world, China Mobile. In order to have the full Asian market covered, Apple is considering a settlement to sell its mobile phones by Docomo, the Japan’s largest carrier. The deal with China has finally reached an agreement mainly because cheaper phones will be provided by Apple, the iPhone 5C which is considered to be affordable and in line with the expectations of the Asian consumers.

Next week Apple will launch its brand new iPhone 5S and the brand new and cheaper iPhone 5C which despite its low price, represents the product that is expected to boost sales. There are also rumors about the third iPhone, a larger one named iPhone 5L, which most probably will hit the market in the beginning of next year. The surprises list continues with the October launch of the new operating system named OS X Mavericks, expected to offer an improved battery performance, desktop versions of iMaps and iBooks and advanced multiple display support.

Therefore, Apple’s stocks will  be the most tracked in the following period. The company may be on the right path, now that is offering a mix of high quality products that are affordable for a wider range of consumers. The variety of products, prices and the extended targeted area may the needed approach of this business, given the market and its main players.

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