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How Real Estate Can Be Part Of A Lifetime Financial Plan

Buying your first home or your fifth requires re-education every time you do it. Why? This is because markets and opportunities change.

Nancy Flint-Budde

Nancy Flint-Budde CFD

Nancy Flint-Budde, a “CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER” professional from Salem, New York, says, individuals have gotten quite an education in investing from 1999 to 2006. See what various markets have done. In 1999, everyone wanted to be in the stock market. By 2000, nobody wanted anything in bonds. And in 2005, the real estate market, which had been galloping at double-digit gains for more than ten years, was starting to go that way as well.”

What a financial planner can bring to the real estate process is a clear view of mortgage options, debt management, and most important, planning for the day when an individual or family moves from home ownership into real estate investment.

“People have been looking at their homes as a source of cash in recent years, and as markets slow, we’re going to see that point of view change”, said Flint-Budde. “Planners are important because they help people avoid excessive risk and keep them diversified.”

How Real Estate Can Be Part Of A Lifetime Financial Plan by