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What’s Happening With Google?

Recently, the media unveiled the fact that Google Inc. is among the most valuable companies in the world with its shares  rising 14 percent to a record $1,011.41 per share. The boost in the price of shares was also sustained by the third-quarter revenue which cumulated $11.92 billion.

Investors are excited about the evolution of the company, believing that the upward trend will be maintained for at least the foreseeable future. Despite the fact that the search provider giant is making considerable investments and important changes withing the services and products offered to its customers, it is believed that further investments in this company are a safe choice.

One of the worrying investments of Google is Motorola Inc. (purchased for $12 billion) which now is bringing only 8% of the company’s revenue. Motorola’s revenues are smaller compared with the time before being incorporated in Google and now is still swinging between being a smart or an unprofitable investment.

In search of decreasing its prices, since the beginning of the year, Google Inc. has been promoting an advertising service called enhanced campaigns, highlighting the advantages of investing in  wireless devices. Obviously, everybody now is watching Google Inc. and is closing tracking the company’s cost per click.

To project a better image, Google is seriously investing time and resources in fighting cyberattacks. As part of the company’s Google Ideas initiative, it is offering free protection for websites against the so-called “distributed denial-of-service”. Moreover, it is being launched a digital attack map to show real-time cyberattacks around the world. As an extension to all these innovations, Google is working on a new browser aimed to offer a safe way to navigate the internet, protecting the user from surveillance and filtering.

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