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Middle East Brings World Wide Trouble To The Table

The conflicts taking place in Syria combined with the turmoil in Egypt lead to important movements in the price of oil. Besides this situation, United States intervened and wants to held responsible Syria for using chemical weapons against civilians. This intervention betrayed the U.S.'s intention to step in the Arab issues which provokes so many turbulence so far. Even if Syria isn't an important player in the oil industries, the biggest fears are related to the possibility of arousing a … [Read more...]

Political, Religious and Economical Problems Invade Syria

These days we are attacked by a lot of news about the conflicts in Syria. Of course, the United States of America are this time, again, one of the main characters. Is it new, this whole situation of conflict? Let's go to the roots... Syria is a small country in the Western Asia. Not rich, but enjoining its fertile plains and geographical diversity from high mountains to deserts, it had (or not) the opportunity to be the birthplace for many population, such as: Armenians, Turks, Kurds, … [Read more...]

Tapering QE3 Challenges the Whole World

As the time of modifying the Quantitative Easing program is nearing, the possible effects started to be analyzed. Jackson Hole Symposium was the main event of the last days as central bankers, finance ministers, academics, and financial market participants from all over the world gathered to discuss the most important issues of the actual economic situation. Even if the man with the answers (Ben Bernanke) missed this event, other important persons came to draw a warning signal. Thereby, we can … [Read more...]

The Eurozone PMIs Are Indicating A Recovery

Today, the Eurozone’s PMI indices were released. PMI means Purchasing Managers’ Index and is the best communicator of the economic climate for the concerned area. Even if it represents a survey of managers working in the manufacturing industry, it tends to represent the whole economy. Why? Because the manufacturing industry is an important segment of any economy which is able to indicate in advance if the economy is going in a good direction or it tends to slow. When calculating this index, five … [Read more...]

FOMC About To Change Its Perspectives

As Willian C. Dudley indicated in his last speech, the FOMC members decided that the time to discuss the tapering of the QE3 program has come. Even if there are still doubts concerning this decision, FOMC members decided that risks of an economic downturn have diminished since the Fed started to run this bold program. Yesterday, Moody's Investors Service started the positive data string with revising its outlook to stable from negative, decision that has been postponed for 5 years before being … [Read more...]

Which is the position of St. Louis Fed’s Bullard?

Everybody is speaking about the tapering of the Quantitative Easing program, but nobody has any concrete and reliable piece of information. If we are to consider the macroeconomic indicators that describe the U.S.’s economy, it is difficult to take any position. The data is mixed. On one hand, the labour market seems to be giving real signs of improvement, on the other hand, we cannot trust only one set of data. An information that can be trusted is the FOMC Member Bullard’s speech. It looks … [Read more...]

Who Is The Next Leader Of The Oil Industry?

The oil industry, as one of the most important industries, is mainly driven by North America, Russia and the Arabic States (most important countries being Saudi Arabia and Iraq). Why is this industry so important? Considering the fact that is responsible for about 2.5% of the world’s GDP, it’s also pumping life in all other important fields as transportation, agriculture, army and any other branch that supports the human life. If the oil industry would collapse now, it wouldn’t take a few months … [Read more...]

What is to be Expected Next Week for the Forex Market?

If you are scalper, intraday or guerilla trader, in general short and very short term trader you should pay attention to the economic releases for every day. Keeping an eye over the economic calendar will help prepare your trades or just announce you to stay out of the market. On Monday Japan will publish its Prelim GDP, estimated to rise 0.9%, and its industrial production. Switzerland will release its retail sales and for the USA the Federal Budget Balance is expected to fall … [Read more...]

Reaction to the Bank of England’s News

Considering the stagnation that characterized United Kingdom last year, this year we cannot expect miracles to happen. Thereby, the recovery is expected to be slow, with the inflation staying around the values of 3% (CPI inflation rose at 2.9% in June). Even if the outlook for the U.K.’s economy becomes increasingly positive from one quarter to another, the wounds left by the under target productivity which in turn caused a decrease in demand and also the inflation above target, determines … [Read more...]

Why You Should Pay Attention to Yahoo! Inc.?

As I mention a few months ago, in an article about Yahoo! Inc. which you can find here, this company may worth you full attention. Since then, the CEO at Yahoo Marissa Mayer, continued with buying startups and made 9 new brand acquisitions. When will she stop? It looks like the main purpose of Marissa Mayer is to buy people instead of the ideas behind the startups. She is actually pointing towards the engineers of these little organizations which will be kept by 2 to 4 years … [Read more...]

The Australian Dollar, on the Right Path?

Today, the Australian dollar was one of the top movers as the Central Bank decided to cut again the interest rate, reducing it to an historical low, at 2.5%. Even if this decision makes the Aussie dollar depreciate and therefore makes it less attractive for the investors, it is intended to help the economy get back to growth. Lately, Australians have had a less encouraging economic climate as the country’s economy kept deteriorating. One of the major concerns is the growing unemployment rate … [Read more...]

What is going down in Yemen?

On Tuesday, the United States told its citizens in Yemen to immediately leave the country. The official announcement on the U.S. State Department was: “The Department urges U.S. Citizens to defer travel to Yemen and those U.S. Citizens currently living in Yemen to depart immediately.” Moreover, it seems that all diplomatic missions of the United States across the Middle East are to be closed these days, following warnings of potential attacks coming from the zone. Important communication … [Read more...]