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Looking for a 15% Drop on eBay Share Price

Chart: eBay Inc. Weekly

In almost 4 years eBay Inc. gained about 480%, rallying from 10$ per share all the way to 58 dollars per share, having an all-time high around 59 bucks. From the first day of 2013 the price started to consolidate itself in a rectangle.

This price pattern was drawn right above the rejection line of an ascending channel. Until now the buyers did not have enough force to drive the price through the key resistance and now it will be even harder. The company announced a profit of 0.63$ per share, missing the estimates of 0.64$ per share. The price dropped suddenly 4 dollars from 57.50 to 53.50.

Taking into consideration the factors mentioned earlier and combining them with a negative divergence on the 14 weeks RSI we can say that we have some good signals of shorting. The confirmation would come with a close under 50$ per share, sending the price back into the channel. The support it is found next to the trend line at about 45$ per share. From the current level to the support it is about a 15% drop.

Keeping in mind that until the end of 2012 bulls were pretty strong, we should keep an eye over the resistance. A break and close above 59 – 60$ per share could trigger another rally targeting 65 and 70.00 levels.

Looking for a 15% Drop on eBay Share Price by