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USD/JPY Forecast February 17 - 21


USDJPY lost ground overall last week after the American economy continued to surprise on the downside, but the Japanese one is not doing better either. The greatest disappointment came from the current account indicator, which was published way below … [Continue reading]

EUR/USD Forecast February 17 – 21


The Euro Area single currency managed to close the week on a positive territory in front of the US dollar. The way there wasn’t that easy, but actually quite bumpy. On Wednesday Euro plunged after an official of the ECB brought back on the table the … [Continue reading]

News Trading Strategy On EURUSD - GDP Release

Did you know how important it is to know your market and how it reacts when an indicator or a piece of news is being reported? As an example from my experience as a trader, OIL WTI in over 50% of the situations when the crude oil stocks are being … [Continue reading]

Candlesticks In Day To Day Trading


The candlestick chart is one of the most used charts in trading nowadays. It is thought to have been developed in the 18th century by a Japanese rice trader Munhisa Homma. He discovered that by drawing the price movements as a “candlestick” he will … [Continue reading]

The Path To Take In Learning How To Trade On The Forex Market


During my time spent as both an analyst and a trader I have come to understand what the hardest thing to do in trading is and why it is a huge number of traders that lose their money on the Forex market. Let us start by understanding what the … [Continue reading]

EUR/USD Forecast February 10-14


Euro gained back more than 1% last week. In the first part of the week Euro recovered some of the lost ground from two weeks ago, even though the economic data released for the Euro Area wasn’t that good. The services PMIs were mostly under … [Continue reading]

USD/JPY Forecast February 3-7


Last week closed almost unchanged for the USDJPY, although the economic data published surprised with better than estimates readings. The biggest surprise came from the National Core CPI which rose at 1.3%, surpassing the forecasts with 0.1%. A … [Continue reading]

EUR/USD Forecast February 3–7


A pretty hard week has just passed for the Euro fans. The European single currency has got to a loss of 1.35% in front of the US dollar at the closing hour on Friday. During the firs two days EURUSD remained near the opening price. The Euro was … [Continue reading]

Will Facebook Have The Same Fate As Apple?


Yesterday, I was expecting Apple to show some good earnings report and to put on a stellar performance, surging towards $588 in two days. An EPS better than expected didn’t matter as the revenue forecast for the second, $42-44 billion, fell short to … [Continue reading]

Apple – Ready To Make A Bullish Statement?


At the beginning of December, I said that Apple should be in your portfolio as the company was on the verge on striking a deal with China Mobile. They made the deal, but Apple did not move up as much as expected, on the contrary, the shares kind of … [Continue reading]

EUR/USD Forecast January 27-31


It has been a bumpy week for the Euro with the US dollar currency pair. It started by dropping to a new low in the first trading day and maintained a low price during the first part of the week after the German ZEW disappointed, but had a fast … [Continue reading]

Final Conclusions On Forex Scalping


Forex scalping is a basic trading strategy based on short and quick transactions, due to bring results only if it is used repeatedly and on long term periods. It implies high volume trades, but with big impacts both on the profit and loss. To sum … [Continue reading]