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Hot on Investazor Last Week!

Hello dear investazors, we would like to remind you our hottest analysis of last week.

Let us start with the XAUUSD which has eventually broker the 1400$ per ounce barrier but didn’t stay above it too much, you will find more details in XAUUSD Has Made an Ascending Triangle. The next analysis has surprised us a lot. Looking at the beautiful technical analysis we expected McDonalds to have another rally, but the triangle was broken on the downside. See the full analysis McDonalds Took a Break While Consolidating in a Triangle.

If you did not see it at the time we have posted it, it may not be too late to take a look over the Trade Setup EURGBP on Selling Pressure.

Our top watched fast news were United States, More and More Confident; Kuroda’s Hint: Keep Calm and Change the Financial System and the newest Overall, Japan is Impressive.

By far our favorite technical analysis was on NIKKEI225 and you can find it in Does it Look Bearish or Does it Not? NIKKEI225 a Technical Analysis Work of Art.

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