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United States, More And More Confident

If yesterday the market was quiet with bank holidays in United States and United Kingdom, today the U.S. economy surprised again the investors. It seems that the consumer’s confidence came up at a value last met in February 2008. The index based on surveyed households surprised economists’ expectations with the value of 76.2, showing that consumers overpassed the difficulties placed by the raised taxes in January and the “sequester” effect in March. Moreover, the market was stimulated by the S&P/Case-Shiller index which was reported at 10.9% showing that the price of houses have risen by the most in close seven years. The latest report is also suggesting a most healthy housing industry with investors interested to buy.

Speaking about stocks, Google is gaining attention by its bold plan “Google Fiber” which is a profitable plan on the long term and also a serious threat for cable phone companies. Furthermore, they are constantly working on building up a wireless network for the emerging markets.

United States, More And More Confident by