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Hot Articles on Investazor this Week

Another week has passed by, with less macroeconomic publications and a lower volatility than in the beginning of the month, but with pretty hot articles published on our site. If you did not visit us this week, this are the most important publishes you should take a look over.

If we are talking about Forex, then you shouldn’t have missed the AUDUSD analysis - AUDUSD Positive RSI Divergence confirmed by Hammer . We were expecting a rise from 0.9400 to 0.9600 after some technical indications were in line.  The price hit 0.9660 and fell again under 0.96.

One of the hottest stocks analysis was Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY) has got to a Cross Roads. The price hit several targets after the firs forecast that we did several months ago and now it seems to have got to a sensitive point. You should not miss it, maybe you will find an interesting setup to trade.

With our fast news articles we kept you updated on the most important events of the week. Some of them are U.S. Remember An Old Problem, The OMT Program Is On The Table and Uncertainty Defines United Kingdom.

Hot Articles on Investazor this Week by