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Hot Topics on Investazor This Week

If you did not visit us this week, here you can find the hottest topics published on the site.

Let’s start with the stocks. You can find the Trade Setup Inc. on Trend Line Breakout which was activated and ran more than 50% in our direction, the 28.5% positive gap on Websense Inc. and the perfect reversal signal on Johnson & Johnson Pulled Back from 90.00 Level.

Our fast economic news kept our readers updated with what are the most important events. Eyes on Ben Bernanke was the article before FED’s governor testified in front of the Economic Committee and The Quantitative Easing Program Is Handled With Prudence explained what is the position of FED regarding QE. Have you seen the economic data for Japan lately? Why Japan Is Doing So Well? What About Europe? Is explaining why that data is good for the Nipponese.

Let us take you in a FX tour also. First it was GBPCHF Signaling a Rising Wedge Breakout, its first target was hit and the trend is still down. After Bernanke testified, the US Dollar became the new Rocky Balboa and knocked every other currency to the ground. If we talked about the Japanese economy we should also remind you that USDJPY Made a Rising Wedge Pattern.

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