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Why Japan Is Doing So Well? What About Europe?

Following the particularity of the beginning of the week, the end is bringing 2 other press conferences of two of the most important economies of the world, Japan and the Euro zone.

The Japanese Prime Minister has been proud to show the promising result of the economy that he is running so well, as it seems, comparing with other economies that could hardly get to such a sustained growth. It was also pointed that another engine of the Asian region is represented by the ASEAN (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam). The secrets of these great results are based on simple principles. The first one is about putting in place a strong supply chain covering a large range of products. Secondly, the intra-regional and cross-regional trade which was very much improved by trade liberalization. The third factor is the effect of the consumption which was backed by increased revenues for consumers. That being said, Japan assures the world that the engines of its economy are working at full capacity. They are likely to meet all its goals, starting with the 2% inflation target and finishing with the status of the healthiest economy in the world.

With a little more reserved tone, Mario Draghi highlights that the Euro zone economy is stronger and more stable comparing with last year and if all the member countries will continue to implement changes, more positive result should appear. Also, the importance of U.K. as part of the European Union has been mentioned as the need of Europe of “an European U.K.”. The creation of a single bank supervisor is the main focus for 2014. The other important plans that are considered are the creation of a system that would guarantee the deposits and a complete plan which would deal better with failing banks.

Why Japan Is Doing So Well? What About Europe? by