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EMA And Stochastic Scalping Strategy For USDJPY

As we said it before, scalping could be a good way to make some fast money, especially if you don’t have too much time to spend in front of your PC as a trader. But to stay on a good a profitable path, in time you should test several forex scalping systems before trading your real money. In our trading experience we observed that there really are trading strategies that do not have to be complex or hard to be applied to make money. Sometimes there are simple strategies that help traders get … [Read more...]

Rethink Your Trading Time Management

It is very important for you to know if you have time to invest in you learning process. Even though it will appear to you as a fast profit taking, it is not. You will have to understand the domain, understand the risk, invest money and time in your education and after that everything will be paid off 10, 20 100 times more. In nowadays and with the current systems it is possible for you to invest a little sum of money and end up with a fortune overnight. But it will never be enough, for a … [Read more...]

Do not get into a Battle with the Market without a Money Management System

As we stated in our Trading Plan article, it is very important to also have a very good Money Management system which is suited for your needs. It should be adapted for each situation and also should complete your trading system so that you will get as much money from the market as possible. With a good Money Management plan even a very easy trading strategy can become a profitable one. Guide lines for a good Money Management From the past experience of the traders, it was observed that it … [Read more...]

Simple Scalping System based on Directional Movement

We are recommending you to test a very simple scalping system based on a pretty interesting indicator – Directional Movement or you will also find it as ADX. This indicator has three elements: +DI, -DI and the ADX. The most important characteristics of these elements are: -          When +DI crosses above –DI then the trend is up; -          When –DI crosses above +DI the trend is down; -          The ADX shows the strength of the current trend. We tested this system on different … [Read more...]

The Path to Take in Finding Your Trading Strategy

As a starting point I feel the need to tell you that there is no Saint Grail in trading. I don’t think that there is a single person to have a Secret trading system that it will work 100% of the time, or as well for anyone else that uses it. If a trading system would be given to 10 different traders, it will produce different incomes for each trader, because there are personal factors that will mess with the final result. The main idea is that you should understand that you cannot find a … [Read more...]

Trading Plan - A must in the Trader’s Arsenal

You have probably already heard that it is important for traders to set up a Trading Plan. This should be a must, in my opinion, for novice traders but also for those who have experience (but they know this by now). One of the most important attributes of a Trading Plan is that it helps the trader to be disciplined. Discipline is a quality that cannot be taught that easily, but it can be learned in time. Another attribute would be that it keeps details that a human being at some point would … [Read more...]

Simple Gap Trading Strategy for the Forex Market

The gaps that appear on a chart are pretty important. It is a price pattern which can offer information regarding the direction of the price and the strength of the market. On Forex, because of the high liquidity, gaps are not that frequent, but they do appear especially after the weekends. In trading a myth, that the gaps are always covered, was born. The gaps are usually covered, but it can be done very fast or it can take a longer time until it will be covered. It is important to know … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Your Forex Trading Risk with Options Hedging

The Forex market has got a pretty bad reputation during the past several years. In my opinion this has happened because of the less transparent brokerage houses (saying it short scammers) and because the traders that get into this train believe that it is a short journey to becoming rich. To become profitable on the Forex market you need first to study it. Learn what are the factors that move the market, how the price is made, find yourself a strategy, get some discipline and start practicing … [Read more...]

What Are the Recommended Trading Hours for Scalping ?

The best trading hours depend on the currency pair you choose to trade and on the technical strategy you prefer. It is a matter of personal choice between direction-less or choppy markets and highly liquid and directional markets. In order to make good choices about the time period which is best for one strategy or another, we will present you some general lines of best periods for Forex Scalping. Generally speaking, scalping needs high volatility, but there are also trading strategies that … [Read more...]

Basic Ichimoku Trading System

This system can be put in the trend following category. It uses Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, a trend based indicator and a Stochastic that gives the buy and sell signals. Because this system uses Ichimoku as the trend following indicator it would be recommended for the traders to apply this strategy on higher time frames, like 30 minutes, 1 hour and up to a month. The best part of the system is that it can be used on every type of instruments (from the most liquid – forex- to stocks and commodities … [Read more...]

Simple Breakout Trading System

Trading breakouts is usually pretty tricky. It can always become a false breakout that could ruin the trader’s trade, by hitting the Stop Loss. To use this kind of systems a trader should find a combination of elements that will lower the probability for a false breakout. As no system is 100% accurate there should always exist a Stop Loss to limit a possible loss. For this strategy to work, we recommend using currency pairs (or other types of instruments) that usually have high volatility. It … [Read more...]

Trend Following Strategy Using Parabolic SAR

The strategy that we will present to you in this article is a trend following strategy that can be used on any liquid market, especially on the Forex market. It can be applied on any currency pair and almost any time frame (recommended time frames from 1 minute to 4 hours). The technical indicators that are used in this strategy are a combination of trend following indicators and an oscillator. The system uses the Parabolic SAR (0.01, 0.01, 0.4) and MACD (11, 22 and 9) for signals and … [Read more...]