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FX: EURUSD Short Term Bullish


Interval: H1 Getting back to an older analysis of the EURUSD  we will observe that the price got really close to a very important area formed from a 50% retrace and 1.3 support level. Looking back on a lower time frame, H1 , for a fine … [Continue reading]

DJI: DOW Jones Industrial Broadening Formation


Interval: Daily The Americans got back their optimism in the past weeks, we can see this in the uptrend on the Dow Jones Industrial, one of the most important indexes from United States. This growth is also sustained by the economic data from … [Continue reading]

FX: USDCAD Harmonic Pattern Signals Bearish Move

Interval: Daily USDCAD has broken 1.0000 level in the first half of the month and after that the chart was drawn only straight up to 1.035, with no important corrective moves. This should attract the attention and investor must be more … [Continue reading]

FX: EURUSD Getting Close to a Support Area

Interval: Daily The uptrend was invalidated after the price has broken its line. The fact that it got that fast back under 1.30 level means that the dollar is viewed again as a safe heaven and might go even lower during the next months, … [Continue reading]

FX: EURUSD Drawing Lines on Multiple Channels


Interval: Daily In the last period of time my general feeling regarding EURUSD is that it respects the patterns, as you can see the up trend has played in perfect with the trend line, in the same time with three lines of rejection (depending … [Continue reading]

FX: USDCAD Trade Setup Fundamental and Technical


Interval: H4 Considering a parallel channel where the USDCAD has rejected from the trend line forming a consolidation under the 1.0000 mark, we can consider as target the upper line supplied by the channel. Also the macroeconomic indication … [Continue reading]