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Best 5 Tips On How NOT To Lose Money On The Forex Market

When you think about the forex market you realize how economically stable it is, as it spans across the entire world and brings in about four trillion dollars’ worth every single day (that number being the average daily trading volume). As a result, the forex is the largest market pertaining to financial processes that we’ve ever seen (and that we will probably ever see in our lives). The popularity of this particular market is pretty obvious, and traders from all sorts of different backgrounds … [Read more...]

How To Identify Forex Market Trends & Profit From Them

When it comes to forex trading and making investments the common process would be looking into the common types of investments. The most common types that we’re talking about would be things like ETFs, stocks or options and bonds, just stuff that the average forex trader has looked into (or already invested in). The forex trading market is one of the most populated (as well as active) financial markets in the world, and as its popularity starts to grow there is going to be individuals that … [Read more...]

8 Most Important Forex Market Notions

In order to make a profit in the forex market, one doesn’t necessarily need to be a regular trader. In fact, each time you travel abroad and exchange currencies, you are making use of the forex market, the financial giant that overshadows all the other money industries. Nevertheless, the concepts on which this amazing, and apparently overwhelming, financial market is based are quite simple. We will examine some of the fundamental notions that any foreign currency investor must know and … [Read more...]

A Look in the Past for Online Trading

For better understanding why nowadays trading is considered to be fast and easy to be done by anyone, we should have a look back in history. For an individual to invest in the stock or the commodities market it was needed a big sum of money. First of all because there were no leverage and second the commissions paid for each investment or trade was big. To place a trade in the market the investor had to call his stockbroker and give him the order. The broker then entered the order in their … [Read more...]

Fundamental Analysis – An Inside Look

Fundamental analysis is a method of examining the factors that influence and characterize a company or a market. When looking into details of a company, fundamental analysis takes into consideration its financial statements. When applied to futures or forex, it takes into account a broad palette of factors that influences the economy as a whole. T.S or F.A ? This is the first question that arises to the persons interested in this domain. F.A. is known for the analysing of the present situation … [Read more...]

Forex Trading for Beginners: Basic Questions and Myths

What is Forex? This is the most common question in a beginners mind: The name Forex comes from foreign exchange and it is specific to currencies market. After the accord from Breton Woods, that took place in 1971, the currencies were allowed to change freely against one another so their value started to vary. The commercial and investment banks took the opportunity and offered the process of exchange to their clients creating this way a speculative environment for trading on currency against … [Read more...]

CFD Trading - Top 8 Questions and Answers About

This article follows the introduction of new comers to the CFD trading (with a focus on the possibility to trade online) by answering the most common 12 questions on the topic. According to the definition the contract for difference (also known as CFD) represents a contract between two different market players, one is a buyer and one is a seller, that states that the seller pays the buyer the difference between the t0 value of the asset and the future value at the contract time. In the … [Read more...]