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United States Got Into Middle East Affairs

President Barak Obama is visiting Sweden, place were is having a public conference together with the Prime Minister of Sweden John Fredrik Reinfeldt. The subject awaited by everyone was the issue that is being debated by the Congress, related to the situation in Syria.

The conference started with details about the swedish economy which is running under normal parameters, as it faces the European crisis with success. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Patnership  is one of the priorities as it would advantage both sides. Moreover, as Sweden’s 50% of GDP is based on exports, this partnership is considered to be truly beneficial.

As it concerns the situation of Syria, Sweden is strongly blaming the Assad regime which violated fundamental human rights, especially because now is strongly believed that letal weapons were used against the citizens. The Prime Minister of Sweden also considers than O.N.U. needs to take serious measures agains Syria, otherwise there is an increased risk to see this situation happening again.

President Barak Obama thinks that the Congress will agree to use the military force in Syria in order to avoid a global sentiment of unsecurity. If the President and the Congress will both agree on this matter, the decision will have stornger fundaments and the image of America, as a strong economy, will be underlined.

Considering that America is getting ready to intervene in Syria, this situation is thought to be an opportunity to take action in such a serious situation, rather than a risk to ruin America’s image of the country that won the Nobel Peace Prize “the moral thing to do is not to stand by and do nothing”. Russia is still on Syria’s side, not trusting the evidences about the letal weapons used against the citizens and judging a military intervention as an aggression.

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