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Obama Gives Hope to the Middle Class

President Obama expressed his satisfaction regarding the evolution of the American economy and highlighted the importance of the wellness of the middle class in order to have the economy running at optimal parameters. Also, the creation of jobs represents the main concern, giving the fact that creating jobs is the nucleus of the American economy. If Americans work hard, every field of the economy will run smoothly. In order to rich this point, reforms are needed and consumers need to understand and accept further changes in this regard.

As the spotlight is the unemployment rate problem, further measures are considered: a revolution of the manufacturing industry, a new tax credit, plans for rebuilding the infrastructure, simplifying of the tax code , simplifying the procedures for investments and starting small businesses, large investments in renewable energy (wind and solar energy), rising the minimum wage.

On the other side of the planet, the interest rate of Australia is likely to be lowered again, the second time this year, as the latest inflation data doesn’t look disturbing (currently 2.4%, dropping from 2.5% in the second quarter of the year). The governor of RBA believes that there is still room for this move and further depreciation of the currency is not a surprise. The consumption still needs to be stimulated and the consumers need to trust their economy enough to start investing in more risky assets. As a measure of fighting the decreasing trend that the Australian economy is following lately, especially because its main exporter China is slowing as well, the Central Bank is willing to boost employment by residential constructions. Today, the building approvals were reported down to -6.9% a considerable drop that seems to darken the overall picture.

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