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Why You Should Pay Attention to Yahoo! Inc.?

As I mention a few months ago, in an article about Yahoo! Inc. which you can find here, this company may worth you full attention. Since then, the CEO at Yahoo Marissa Mayer, continued with buying startups and made 9 new brand acquisitions. When will she stop? It looks like the main purpose of Marissa Mayer is to buy people instead of the ideas behind the startups. She is actually pointing towards the engineers of these little organizations which will be kept by 2 to 4 years contracts.

Apparently, the new CEO found the malfunction of the company and now is taking steps in order to fix it. Definitely there is an urgent need of creative engineers and Marissa Mayer is doing nothing but to provide the company with this medicine in return of billions of dollars. It will take time in order to see whether or not this strategy will work and indeed the company will produce new value and attract and retain new users. Revenue for the full year of 2013 is projected to be in the range of $108.0 million to $112.0 million without dropping far below the last year’s figures.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Yahoo! Inc.? by