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Euro: On Safe Hands

The E.U. – U.S. talks concerning the trade agreement are slowed by the France’s reluctance and lack of trust. Greece went back to a fragile position by encountering difficulties with its creditors which are expecting strong evidences for the fulfillment of the established reforms. Besides all this, Portugal holds a deepening political turmoil which lead the country’s bourse to the worst day in the last 2 years and pulled down banking shares.

After a “bright” beginning of the week, the governor of European Central Bank comes to clean E.U.’s image and to pulse trust in the investor’s veins. Europe is said to be in safe hands which further are sustained by a long term low interest rate and unconditional support from ECB. Serious thinking about negative interest rates and high expectations about the positive evolution of the economy are awaited for the final of this year. Mario Draghi managed to deliver an encouraging speech about Euro zone, helping the euro to make the show in the financial markets.

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