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Who Is The Lead Actor?

Today, the U.S. dollar was again the favorite mover to be watched. The unemployment claims (354k) initially disappointed the market but they came with an explanation. Last week, because of the holiday, 5 states were prevented from transmitting their reports so, the final count was incomplete. Comparing the report with the one from 2 weeks ago (360k applications filled) this week can be considered an improvement. The negative sentiment was fueled by the quarterly GDP reported down at 2.4%.

For the one of you who are interested in Bitcoin, news came today from the Japanese Mt.Gox who announced that from now on, if anyone wants to exchange currency into bitcoins, they are asked an ID card. In previous articles I gave more details about what the anonymity of bitcoin is supposed to mean and also how this new currency is working. Here you have Part I and Part II.  The news released today, which sound like regulations, totally not specific to this virtual currency, threatens anonymity, the virtual currency’s strongest point to be turned into its weakest point.

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