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Trade Setup APPLE Inc. Looking for a 5% Drop

Interval: H1


If we take a look on Apple Inc. (AAPL) chart we will see that it hit a good resistance zone. From 19th of April the price has gained almost 21%, rising from 382.60 low.

After this rally with no important correction there is a possibility for the price to be pulled back at least 38.2 Fibonacci retrace, which also coincide with a local support. Another indicator which signals a possible retrace is the 28 periods RSI. It went over the 70 level, and consolidated. A drop now under 66.20 on the RSI followed by a drop in price under $456 per share could be the confirmation we need to short the stocks for a 5% drop to $432 per share.

Confirmation Level: 455.60

Take Profit Level: 432.70

Stop Loss: 465.47

Trade Setup APPLE Inc. Looking for a 5% Drop by