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Financial Planning for Kids

Kids are a wonderful, expensive proposition-your parents probably told you that more than a few times. But the reality is that child costs are daunting whenever and however you have them, and you'll need to plan. Today, many people are waiting longer … [Continue reading]

What Bankruptcy Really Means ?

At this writing, America has undergone one of the most sweeping changes in bankruptcy law in its history. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 was intended to cut the pace of personal bankruptcies by increasing filing … [Continue reading]

What Financial Expertise Do You Need?

There are many people who run their financial lives solo and do a great job. But for most of us, we don't have the time to get our knowledge and skills up to the professional level required as our financial, career and personal lives get more … [Continue reading]

Creating A Lifetime Career-Money Strategy

At one time, Americans could count on the three-legged stool of traditional pension, adequate savings, and Social Security. No more. Atlanta planner Elizabeth Jetton knows that personal saving and investing and making the most out of employer … [Continue reading]

How To Get Organized

Whether you work with experts or not, getting your finances under control means taking actual steps to do so. And again, whether you are working independently or with an expert, you need to be able to research various investment and tax choices and … [Continue reading]

Building A New Financial Life

You don't have to go through a bankruptcy to make a positive change in your relationship with money. It's something you can do the minute you wake up tomorrow-resolve to make a fresh start in your financial life. The first thing you should do … [Continue reading]

Buying Insurance and Planning for Retirement on Your Own

It's tough enough starting a business without having to be your own benefits counselor. You don't have to do it alone. Before you start a company, it's best to meet with a financial and tax adviser to set up your own benefits plan and a retirement … [Continue reading]

Making the Transition from Employee to Employer

Many of us dream of quitting our jobs and starting a company that will make us happier and hopefully more money than we ever dreamed of. Most business owners don't become millionaires, but if they succeed, they're usually more satisfied with their … [Continue reading]

Your First Job

It's the first day of your career. You're excited, a little scared and probably more than a little focused on that first paycheck and what you're going to do with it. Consider for a moment what that first paycheck really means. Is it sponsorship … [Continue reading]

Living on Your Own for the First Time

You're getting ready to move out of the dorm. You've given notice at Mom's crib. Maybe you're leaving a relationship you were in since you were very young. Whether you're 22 or 60, the experience of living completely on your own for the first time is … [Continue reading]

Getting Control Of Debt In Your Teens and 20s

The move to put credit in the hands of teenagers began in earnest about 25 years ago when solicitations to college freshmen became the norm. Today, credit issuers are marketing low-limit cards ($300 to $1,000) to parents for kids as young as … [Continue reading]

Good Debt Vs. Bad debt

You know, there was once a time when the picture was a little clearer on this point. About ten years ago, experts would tell you that all home-related debt was "good" debt, meaning that the near-guaranteed appreciation of property values and the … [Continue reading]