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Final Conclusions On Forex Scalping

Forex scalping is a basic trading strategy based on short and quick transactions, due to bring results only if it is used repeatedly and on long term periods. It implies high volume trades, but with big impacts both on the profit and loss. To sum up, the main ideas from the Forex Scalping Complete Strategy Guide are: As a beginner, it is important to understand the main characteristics of scalping before using such a system. A newbie trader should know that is mandatory for him to use … [Read more...]

What Are the Recommended Trading Hours for Scalping ?

The best trading hours depend on the currency pair you choose to trade and on the technical strategy you prefer. It is a matter of personal choice between direction-less or choppy markets and highly liquid and directional markets. In order to make good choices about the time period which is best for one strategy or another, we will present you some general lines of best periods for Forex Scalping. Generally speaking, scalping needs high volatility, but there are also trading strategies that … [Read more...]

Political, Religious and Economical Problems Invade Syria

These days we are attacked by a lot of news about the conflicts in Syria. Of course, the United States of America are this time, again, one of the main characters. Is it new, this whole situation of conflict? Let's go to the roots... Syria is a small country in the Western Asia. Not rich, but enjoining its fertile plains and geographical diversity from high mountains to deserts, it had (or not) the opportunity to be the birthplace for many population, such as: Armenians, Turks, Kurds, … [Read more...]

Simple Forex Scalping Strategy For EURUSD and GBPUSD

If you are interested in forex scalping and you are a beginner, read our Forex Scalping – Complete Beginner to Advanced Strategy Guide to understand the concept. If you past the first steps it’s time to Choose The Right Broker For Scalping and also the best Currency Pair for your simple forex scalping system. The strategy presented in this post it is one of the simplest and it can be used on currency pairs with medium volatility and low spreads like: EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY. The recommended … [Read more...]

What Are The Most Profitable Currencies for Scalping

In our previous article on scalping we pointed out some important thing to be pay attention to when choosing you broker. Now, we strongly believe that it is very important for beginners to know which currencies are best suited for this trading strategy. As we already know, scalping strategies involve short term transactions due to bring profit. It can be defined as being a highly specialized trading method which requires, despite from strong technical and fundamental analysis knowledge, … [Read more...]

The Fast Moving Average Crossover

For a new trader basic strategies that apply the principles of fast moving averages are easy to understand. The following system is applicable on all major pairs, with a time frame set on 1 hour (H1) or 15 minutes (M15), for indicators we will use the 10, 25 and 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA). When to enter the trade ? At the point when the short term EMA (10) follows the path through the EMA (50), enter a buy or sell order in the exact direction of the EMA (10) after passing the EMA … [Read more...]

How to Choose The Right Broker For Scalping ?

Dear Scalper, Please, rightly choose your Broker! Sincerely, Investazor All scalpers, beginners or experienced, need to have an overview of how this area is and how it works. Beyond the scope of making money, known by everybody, it is important to know under what circumstances this passion can be pursued. There are 3 main entities that promote and give access to the trading world: exchange (New York, London, depending on the trading instrument), banks and investment funds (commercial banks) … [Read more...]

CFD Trading - Top 8 Questions and Answers About

This article follows the introduction of new comers to the CFD trading (with a focus on the possibility to trade online) by answering the most common 12 questions on the topic. According to the definition the contract for difference (also known as CFD) represents a contract between two different market players, one is a buyer and one is a seller, that states that the seller pays the buyer the difference between the t0 value of the asset and the future value at the contract time. In the … [Read more...]