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G8 - Calm Discussions

Besides the discussions about Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership which highlight the new partnership between U.S. and E.U., David Cameron (U.K.) put the problem of fiscal evasion, an issue that needs urgent attention, and suggested a new approach by central registries. Further, automatic exchange of tax information was suggested but the difference of views makes this issue a matter of long-term. Clearly, the 8 countries know well the dysfunctionalities of the systems that are currently implemented but don’t rush in revealing all of them nor in taking decisions in order to fix them. The main excuse is the great amount of time needed in order to run the specific processes, factor that leads to important delays or the eventual annulment of the of the initial decisions.

We may draw 3 directions that all these discussions are following: advance trading, solving the problem of tax evasion and increase transparency. Are these the issues that once being solved will considerable contribute to the wellbeing of the nations?

G8 - Calm Discussions by