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NFP, the only mover of the market?

“Reasonably healthy”, “consistent”, “inconclusive”! All these are opinions about the today’s NFP which was so expected to come and clarify the direction that the U.S. economy is actually heading. Better than the words are the numbers, so the number of newly created jobs in the private sector is 175k with an unemployment rate of 7.6%. With other words, the economy may be prepared for a reduction in the monetary policy stimulus by the end of the year (implicitly, this “readiness of the economy” involves a NFP equally to 200k).

What was really impressive today, was the German industrial production which was reported at 1.8%, strongly sustaining the increasing trend. Even if today Bundesbank downgraded its outlook for the German economy, officials believe that this may be the start of the recovery, and if Germany is starting to get to better results, then the whole Eurozone will be on its track to recovery. Still in the E.U., today, Greece showed an improvement in its quarterly GDP which came at -5.6%, expected at -5.7%. Investors may want to be attentive at Greece because it may become again a “mover of the market”. Recently, the IMF declared that it might have made some mistakes in handling the Greece’s debt which may be restructured by the end of the 2014.

NFP, the only mover of the market? by