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Trade Setup Apple Inc. on Third Rejection from Support

Interval: Daily Apple touched 419.00 support area  for the first time this year on 4th of March. After that it has touched this level again on 5th of April and yesterday. In this accumulation period, or better said range, the volume was lower with every touch on the support. This might mean just mean that the balance could reverse and the investors will buy Apple for the rest of the month. This setup is based on a new price rejection from the support line. The best thing at this is a … [Read more...]

Trade Setup Celgene Corp. On Rising Wedge

Interval: Daily Celgene Corporation(NASDAQ: CELG) is a global bio pharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of therapies designed to treat cancer and immune-inflammatory related diseases. The share price rallied 54 percent from 1st of January 2013 until now, hitting a high at just 1 dollar under $120 per share. This uptrend has made new highs on low volume and in the same time made a negative divergence with the 28 RSI. Looking at the price … [Read more...]

Trade Setup Google Inc. On Selling Climax After 8.5% Dip

Interval: Daily In our last stock analysis - Waiting for a 8.5% Throwback Before Acting On Google Inc. – we said that we are waiting for the price of Google Inc. shares to drop at 774.32 until taking any action. It has past only 3 days and that level was hit. Beside that it seems that a Selling Climax has formed right over the support area, giving us the reversal signal needed. If $790 per share will be broken than we may expect a rally back to the historical high. Confirmation … [Read more...]

Trade Setup GBPAUD On Triple Bottom Pattern

Interval: Daily Good old technical patterns work very well in this period, and we can give you plenty of examples. One of them is the Triple Bottom. It is a reversal formation and when it is confirmed, usually, gives pretty good busy signals and also a target for the trade. After this short introduction to the price pattern, let’s get back to the GBPAUD chart. The quotation has his 3 times the 1.44 support, without breaking it. Now it got back to 1.4620 resistance level. If the … [Read more...]

Trade Setup Research In Motion Ltd. Might Target a 75% Rally

Interval: Daily Research In Motion Ltd. (Nasdaq: BBRY, changed from RIM) has managed to gain 185% from the 6.13 low touched in September last year. From the beginning of this year the price has consolidated into a symmetrical triangle with the highest point at 18.25 and the lowest at 11.50. If the upper line of the triangle will be broken, we might see its target hit at 22 dollars per share. This scenarios doesn’t end here because if the price will break the highest point of the … [Read more...]

Trade Setup NZDJPY On Continuation Pattern

Interval: Daily The Japanese yen has managed to hold its loss in front of 16 counterparties during the last weeks mainly because of the risk aversion installed worldwide, triggered by problems erupted in Cyprus which threatened to Europe’s economy. Another factor was that BOJ did not make public anything regarding the new monetary policy that should get Japan’s inflation to 2 percent in the next 2 years. The firs monetary meeting it is scheduled for next Thursday. The market is … [Read more...]

Trade Setup EBAY Inc. On End of Correction

Interval: Daily In November 2011 a new up trend started for eBay Inc. and it is still in place even after more than a year. The last down move is a corrective one. The price got back to the trend line and retested the 49.50 support. Now after a reversal the 53.70 local resistance is retested and if it will be taken down, the price will have an open road to the 57.32 high. If this will happen the probability, for this move to become an impulse of this trend, will be higher.  The target is … [Read more...]

Trade Setup McDonald’s on Possible Correction

Interval: Daily McDonald’s (MCD) has a pretty nice uptrend. Near the rejection line of the channel and under the 99.80 level, the price has made a consolidation that looks more like a Double Bottom. If the price will fall under 98.00, then we might expect a retest on the 96.00 level. This setup is based on a short speculation in case of a correction. If the price will come back to the local resistance a new opportunity of buying will occur. A breakout over $100.00 dollars per share … [Read more...]

Trade Setup MasterCard Inc. Reached a Resistance

Interval: Daily The main trend of MasterCard Inc. started at the beginning of November 2008. The shares gained almost 400 percent in 5 years. Now it got to the upper line of the uptrend channel and the Rate of Change oscillator (28 periods) is signaling a negative divergence. If the price will fall under the local support (506.50) there is a big chance that it will drop all the way to $444.40 per share. Confirmation Level: 506.27 Take Profit: 444.40 Stop Loss: 531.50 … [Read more...]

Trade Setup Dell Inc. On RSI Negative Divergence

Interval: Daily The price of Dell Inc. has reached an important resistance area. Near this cluster,  formed of a good resistance level (14.50) and 61.8 Fibonacci retrace of the trend, the RSI 28 has entered in the overbought zone and made a negative divergence.  If the price will fall under the 14.00 level, will confirm the RSI signal,  we may expect a downfall back to 12.50 where it will find a better support. Confirmation level: 13.93 Take Profit: 12.58 Stop Loss: 14.51 … [Read more...]

Trade Setup: EURJPY Breakout On Lower Line Of Triangle

Interval: Daily Haruhiko Kuroda is expected to hold a press conference where he could tell something about the monetary policy that he will adopt. The markets are expecting a new and aggressive approach from Kuroda, after all that is way Shirakawa didn't get another mandate. If this will happen then we might see a lower yen in front of the dollar and Euro. If governor Kuroda will disappoint the market we may see a rally of the yen, sustained also by the bad economic data published … [Read more...]

Trade Setup: GBPNZD Making a Double Bottom

Interval: Daily The GBPNZD currency pair has formed a reversal pattern above the 1.800 level which could mean that the pound is trying to hit higher levels, achieved in the past. This fact is also confirmed by the fundamental analysis. Thus, BOE's officials declared that from now on, they will take the matter inflation seriously together with the fact that NZD currency may be 15% over evaluated. The target for this setup is placed near the 50% retrace of the downward trend and the stop loss … [Read more...]