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Did Your Planner Teach You About Investing?

Louis Barajas, a financial planner based in Santa Fe Springs, California, looks back at the 2001-2002 market year and sees diversification as the main benefit of an investment planning strategy.

Louis Barajas

“A properly diversified portfolio, in our case, was down only about 6 percent that year in a year where you saw a double-digit drop on most markets; explains Barajas, a planner who works with primarily middle-income clients in the Hispanic community. “What planners can do is get to know the client, his long· and short-term goals, and design an investment strategy that will deliver the most realistic reward with the least amount of risk.”

At his firm, Barajas and his staff do PowerPoint pre­sentations and one-on-one discussions with clients to determine their investment goals and risk tolerance, and then design an investment plan around that.

“You want to keep the client away from ‘investment noise’ ­whatever is hot at the moment; he explains. “Planners, unlike a lot of financial professionals, have the chance to get to know the financial DNA of the people they serve, and that produces investment strategies they’re comfortable with.”

Did Your Planner Teach You About Investing? by