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EUR/USD Forecast And Price Action For April 17th

This week is almost ended, Easter is here and investors took a break. The Euro-dollar currency pair moved sideways from the opening price to the current moment. Tuesday the price stopped at 1.3800 even though the fundamental analysis was sustaining a US dollar strengthening. Both US CPI and Core CPI surprised with a 0.2% release while it was expected 0.1%.

Yesterday the EU Current Account was below expectations, while the CPI was in line with its estimates of 0.5% y/y. The Core CPI of the European Union did not meet analysts’ median estimation of 0.8% growth on an annual basis. While EU data was rather disappointing, the US releases surprised with some good numbers. Building Permits met their expectations as well as Housing Starts; Capacity Utilization Rate and the Industrial Production went above analysts’ expectations and should have triggered some buying for the US dollar, but it didn’t.

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EUR/USD Forecast And Price Action For April 15th

The EURUSD doesn’t stop to amaze me. The quotation touched 1.3900 before the Friday close. During the past weekend Draghi had a speech in which he mentioned the possibility of quantitative easing because the Euro is pretty high and it will hurt EU’s economy. Exactly what we were talking in our last EURUSD Forecast and Price Action analysis.

The currency pair opened this week with a negative gap which is not yet closed. Yesterday EU posted a lower than expected Industrial Production (0.2%), while US surprised with Core Retail and Retail Sales above estimates. Business Inventories for the United States were a bit lower, but insignificant for the US dollar rally. The price targeted 1.3800 and everything was in its favor.

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Today the price continued to drop under yesterday’s low and reached 1.3800 before the most important releases of the day. Continue reading this article to see which are the relevant economic indicators for today and what is the price action analysis suggesting.

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