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3 Things That Make The Difference Between Winners and Losers

Becoming a successful forex trader isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but there are a bunch of things you can do to put yourself in the right position to excel. Sometimes it’s based purely on luck, but most of the times it’s based on the sanctity of the trader (as well as their experience level). There’s no way to trade without any risk at all, and there’s no such thing as a formula to success when it comes to forex trading. The market itself is like a big open space of water, and finding the right way to trade (as well as the right things to be trading into) can be difficult most of the time. There are certain tips and precautions that even the most successful of traders work into their routine, so following in their footsteps is obviously a great idea.

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Why Do Forex Traders Fail ?

When it comes to being efficiency and accessible, the forex market is one of the largest (well, it’s the largest) financial market that we’ve come to know on this planet. Seeing as it’s so appealing there’s obviously going to be some new faces popping up on a consistent basis, but that doesn’t mean that these new traders are going to be incredibly successful. To be completely honest, when it comes to forex trading there are only a few select traders that could be considered “successful”.

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Do You Know What Kind Of A Trader Are You ?

The best traders in the business have things that separate themselves from the rest of the group, but what are the traits that they bring to the table? You need to be intelligent and willing to work when it comes to being a “big dog” in the forex … [Continue reading]

Best 5 Tips On How NOT To Lose Money On The Forex Market

When you think about the forex market you realize how economically stable it is, as it spans across the entire world and brings in about four trillion dollars’ worth every single day (that number being the average daily trading volume). As a result, … [Continue reading]

How To Identify Forex Market Trends & Profit From Them

When it comes to forex trading and making investments the common process would be looking into the common types of investments. The most common types that we’re talking about would be things like ETFs, stocks or options and bonds, just stuff that the … [Continue reading]

8 Most Important Forex Market Notions

In order to make a profit in the forex market, one doesn’t necessarily need to be a regular trader. In fact, each time you travel abroad and exchange currencies, you are making use of the forex market, the financial giant that overshadows all the … [Continue reading]

US GDP Plunges 2.9%, The Dollar Is Taking Hits


Nobody was expecting such a drop for the US GDP. The median forecast for the current release was around -1.8%. This show that the US economy is still not that strong and Fed did well not cutting the QE even more at the last FOMC meeting. Core Durable … [Continue reading]

Twitter’s Annual Meeting and Future Perspectives


With Twitter holding its annual meeting on Wednesday, the stock’s price is declining towards 30$ per share after climbing a high of almost 75$ in December 2013. Since then, the microblogging site had a downfall and suffered a big drop in market … [Continue reading]

USD/JPY Forecast For May 5-9


The week that passed was an undecided one for USDJPY; the quotation had a fluctuating path and closed the week almost at the same level it started. Monday and Tuesday, the bulls took the price around 102.80 so that Wednesday the bears to take control … [Continue reading]

USD/JPY Forecast For April 28 – 2 May


The Japanese yen was in total control last week having been 5 days out of 5 in the positive territory in front of the US dollar. This is largely due to the escalation of the geopolitical conflict from Ukraine and the “Cold War” between Russia and the … [Continue reading]

EUR/USD Forecast And Price Action For April 17th

This week is almost ended, Easter is here and investors took a break. The Euro-dollar currency pair moved sideways from the opening price to the current moment. Tuesday the price stopped at 1.3800 even though the fundamental analysis was sustaining a … [Continue reading]

EUR/USD Forecast And Price Action For April 15th

The EURUSD doesn’t stop to amaze me. The quotation touched 1.3900 before the Friday close. During the past weekend Draghi had a speech in which he mentioned the possibility of quantitative easing because the Euro is pretty high and it will hurt EU’s … [Continue reading]