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3 Things That Make The Difference Between Winners and Losers

Becoming a successful forex trader isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but there are a bunch of things you can do to put yourself in the right position to excel. Sometimes it’s based purely on luck, but most of the times it’s based on the sanctity of the trader (as well as their experience level). There’s no way to trade without any risk at all, and there’s no such thing as a formula to success when it comes to forex trading. The market itself is like a big open space of water, and finding the right way to trade (as well as the right things to be trading into) can be difficult most of the time. There are certain tips and precautions that even the most successful of traders work into their routine, so following in their footsteps is obviously a great idea.

You need to have a great attitude if you’re going to be successful in the forex field, but that doesn’t mean that’s all you need. You need analytical skills that can be implemented into your routine with ease, because looking at different trends and graph-based information is a large part of the forex. In order to be a great trader you need to be willing to work hard, but natural talent is something that obviously comes through every now and then. There are 4 major things you need to do in order to improve upon your success rate, and we’re going to walk you through all of them.

The Approach

You need to understand that preparing in the right ways can make an immense difference regarding your forex trading, and the main goal to begin with is to balance out your personal goals and your business goals. Make sure that your personal goals are combined with the different forex markets available to you, as this will make the entire process of trading much easier (and even fun in some cases). To give you an example, if you’re the kind of person who really enjoys the retail side of things get into retails stocks (as opposed to the many other “categories” of stock available to you). Timing is also essential, because not everybody is willing to risk an overnight loss. 5-minute charts would be ideal for the short-term trader, and weekly charts would usually be applicable to those who aren’t afraid of the overnight risk.

Deciding whether you want to be in front of a computer screen all day is also something to look at, because not everybody can handle it. Approaching your trades with the right Methodology and market instruments (simply meaning which market you want to get into) is also crucial, so pick your poison accordingly.

Trading Attitude

Keeping yourself cool, calm and collective is a great way to go about trading, and patience really is a virtue within the forex market. Having the ability to wait until your exit level is reached (which is when you’re willing to sell a particular stock) is useful, because it will cut down on any early trades you might commit to. Keeping yourself disciplined can be difficult as well, because once people have a successful set of trades they usually think that they’re untouchable. Remain humble and you should be reaping the benefits for a lifetime, getting ahead of yourself in the forex market is a good way to lose your money.


The final two things that the greatest traders do are regarding their trading management skills (as well as their ability to never discriminate a market). Control the risks that you’re taking and you shouldn’t see any large losses that you can’t come back from, and keeping an open mind regarding the different instruments on the market will let you expand your horizons. Keeping your charts and trends readily available (and in a well-kept manner) can help you look into other ventures regarding the forex as well, because well all know how versatile successful traders are.

If you work these tips into your trading regime you should see a drastic change sooner rather than later, and in the end you should always model your process after the greatest traders that have graced the face of our planet.

Why Do Forex Traders Fail ?

When it comes to being efficiency and accessible, the forex market is one of the largest (well, it’s the largest) financial market that we’ve come to know on this planet. Seeing as it’s so appealing there’s obviously going to be some new faces popping up on a consistent basis, but that doesn’t mean that these new traders are going to be incredibly successful. To be completely honest, when it comes to forex trading there are only a few select traders that could be considered “successful”.

When a trade fails it’s usually due to an abundance of reasons, but it’s mainly pertaining to the fact that the same investors have a tough time with other assets as well. Leverage is a key component to this as well, which is when the investor makes use of borrowed capital to maximize their potential ROI’s (return of investments). Not only that, but the margin that’s in place when you’re trading currencies sort of puts traders in the position where nothing is low-risk.

The traits of trading currencies can lull some investors into a false sense of security, and in most cases will have them expecting a greater return on their investment than they’re scheduled to receive (or just simply take a lot more risks than they should usually be taking).

The Risks of Trading Forex (The Biggest and Most Common Mistakes)

There are a list of certain things you can do that will more than likely put you in the negative when it comes to your investments, so look at your trading regime and fix it accordingly. Nobody likes taking a loss on the market, so prepare yourself and do your best to avoid it.

Trading Discipline

The worst possible thing that any trader could do is to lose their discipline when it comes to trading, you should never let your emotions control you and your money when it comes to the market. If you really want to be a successful forex trader you need to think like one, and you also need to make an immense amount of winning investments (while still maintaining a small number of losses, if any at all!). When you experience a bunch of losses back to back on the market you might lose your confidence, but it’s important to trade with a smart edge (as opposed to letting your emotions control your decisions). Fear and greed are things you don’t want to deal with, so keep your eyes on the prize and practice discipline when it comes to trading.

Not Having a Trading Plan

No successful forex trader is going to tell you that they didn’t create a trading plan, the key to success is to follow through on an initial plan that you’ve already put together. When you don’t plan you’ve already lost a head start when it comes to the forex market, and head starts are exactly what you need. Make sure you’re looking at your risk management processes, as well as expected ROI’s (return on investment). Being a planner before a trader can be amazing in most case, so try it out for yourself and see how it works. No trading plan means you don’t know what you’re going to do with your investments, which is a foolproof way to end up on the wrong side of the profit margin.

Not Being Able To Adapt

The market is ever changing, and there’s no way to stop it. It’s just how the financial market grows, and as a result plenty of traders are being “left in the dust” (so to speak). Look at the different scenarios you might find yourself in before you’re even trading on the market, because preparation is ideal for anybody who wants to be successful. Being able to adapt to the many changes the market will bring to the table is critical in order to be a great trader, so planning for events that might not even occur will prepare you in ways you would have never thought possible. There are an abundance of different risks to take into account when you’re looking at forex trading, but preparing yourself is one of the key components necessary when you want to be successful.

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