Should We Believe In Japan’s Recovery?

Should We Believe In Japan’s Recovery

The press conference of Bank of Japan announced its optimistic view concerning the next 2 years period. In this matter, the latest data about Japan came better, together with the successful implemented quantitative easing, promise to keep Japan safe. Thereby, an increase in exports and public investments along with a moderate increasing in industrial production and accommodative financial conditions have great potential to lead in maximum 2 years to the targeted 2% inflation. The monetary stimulus activity has been shown to have great results so far and is being maintained for the moment with the possibility of adjustments. Moreover, the International Monetary Fund rised its forecast for Japan from 1.6% to 2% growth this year, becoming the only bright economy from the Group of Seven industrialized economies.

On the other hand, the slowing economy of China is posing serious problems, as well as the weak Europe, the fragile United States and the weakening of the commodity-exporting economies.


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