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Trading Candlestick Patterns With Moving Averages

In this article I will show you how to trade using a strategy which combines the candlestick patterns with the moving averages. For better understanding I would recommend you to read also: Candlesticks In Day To Day Trading Candlestick Patterns In Technical Analysis Trading Candlestick Patterns At Key Levels In the articles above I have introduced the candlestick chart and motivated why it is one of the most used type of charts. I have explained how candlesticks are formed and which … [Read more...]

Basic Ichimoku Trading System

This system can be put in the trend following category. It uses Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, a trend based indicator and a Stochastic that gives the buy and sell signals. Because this system uses Ichimoku as the trend following indicator it would be recommended for the traders to apply this strategy on higher time frames, like 30 minutes, 1 hour and up to a month. The best part of the system is that it can be used on every type of instruments (from the most liquid – forex- to stocks and commodities … [Read more...]

Stochastic Oscillator Trend and Range Strategy

The strategy that we propose it can be used for trading on the trend but also in the range. It doesn’t matter on which currency it is applied or time frame, but from our back testing it seems to be working better on the one hour charts. The strategy uses a Stochastic Oscillator with 14, 3 and 3 periods.  Beside the well-known levels of 80 and 20 that are used with this oscillator, must be added also 90 and 10. First step would be to identify the trend, this it can be used the price action … [Read more...]

The Fast Moving Average Crossover

For a new trader basic strategies that apply the principles of fast moving averages are easy to understand. The following system is applicable on all major pairs, with a time frame set on 1 hour (H1) or 15 minutes (M15), for indicators we will use the 10, 25 and 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA). When to enter the trade ? At the point when the short term EMA (10) follows the path through the EMA (50), enter a buy or sell order in the exact direction of the EMA (10) after passing the EMA … [Read more...]