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FX: EURUSD, ECB Press Conference vs. Non-Farm Payrolls

Interval: H4 It is well known that in this period Non-Farm Payrolls is one of the macroeconomic indicators that produces volatility in the market when is published, especially on EURUSD. Although it makes the market to move, it is not a very easy indicator to trade. There are a lot of interpretations like risk appetite or aversion (due to the economic crisis), classic reaction, or how FED will see the data. ECB's press conference are also important events that are watched carefully by … [Read more...]

FX: EURUSD Bullish Engulfing

Interval: Daily The down trend was signaling exhaustion on the last impulses. It dropped under 1.3 level but couldn't go any further, possible reversal was signaled by the technical indicators (divergences on oscillators and important support levels) and price action. The good economic data from yesterday brought the confidence in Euro Zone back for the investors. The bond auction for France and Spain went very smooth, the yields dropped for both of them at 2.10 and respective 4.92. … [Read more...]

FX: EURUSD Short Term Bullish

Interval: H1 Getting back to an older analysis of the EURUSD  we will observe that the price got really close to a very important area formed from a 50% retrace and 1.3 support level. Looking back on a lower time frame, H1 , for a fine tuning, it can be seen a Falling Wedge, which means that the down trend has lost its power on the latest falls. The break over the upper line of the pattern has confirmed the formation and now we might expect the price to hit 1.3165 for a second time. … [Read more...]

FX: USDCAD Harmonic Pattern Signals Bearish Move

Interval: Daily USDCAD has broken 1.0000 level in the first half of the month and after that the chart was drawn only straight up to 1.035, with no important corrective moves. This should attract the attention and investor must be more attentive to bearish signals. On the daily chart we can find these signals. First is a harmonic pattern, Bearish Bat, with the potential reversal zone (PRZ) between 1.035 and 1.40. These levels are also Fibonacci levels; the first one is an 88.6 retrace … [Read more...]

FX: EURUSD Getting Close to a Support Area

Interval: Daily The uptrend was invalidated after the price has broken its line. The fact that it got that fast back under 1.30 level means that the dollar is viewed again as a safe heaven and might go even lower during the next months, targeting 1.27 level which was tested in the past several times, becoming a key level. For the moment it got pretty close to a support area, where it could find some demand and rebound back to 1.31 or even higher to 1.3270 where a very good resistance … [Read more...]

FX: EURUSD Drawing Lines on Multiple Channels

Interval: Daily In the last period of time my general feeling regarding EURUSD is that it respects the patterns, as you can see the up trend has played in perfect with the trend line, in the same time with three lines of rejection (depending on speed as main factor). In the same time we can see that the trend line has battled with the price 4 times until now for a rejection, maintaining its place since July 2012 (you can consider this a very important step, take in to consideration by … [Read more...]

FX: EURUSD Wave Theory After False Breakout

Interval:H4 After a false breakout over the Fibonacci cluster zone, the price fell like a rock to the target level where it met the trend line. A rejection might just be a false rally back to 1.3670-90 zone and after that the price might fall to 1.34 to finalize the ABC correction from the Wave Theory. We can have here other types of correction also so we must be more attentive at the price action. … [Read more...]

FX:EURJPY Falling Wedge of Weekly Chart

Interval: Weekly From the chart and a wider fundamental analysis i agree with the fact that the down trend looks to be over. As i said in a recent CHF/JPY post the need for depreciation is obvious but unfortunately the new economical politics will start in 2014 or with luck July this year. Also a HH is made and the 28 RSI value could show a mega overbought zone for this time. Anyway we need to see a HL in order to confirm the reversal. The price overlook shows a closing near with a … [Read more...]

FX:EURUSD Elliot Waves with Fibo Extensions

Interval: H4 Using some basic principles from Elliott Wave Theory we can determine a possible reversal zone in the 1.3590 - 1.3645 area. Counting the waves from the 4th of January bottom until now we can observe that the price is on the 5th wave. A rejection from that zone could bring the value back to 1.3450 and retest the trend line. … [Read more...]

FX:CHFJPY Forming Triangle at Trend Line

Interval: H4 Considering the state of economy in Japan, the Yen is still strong. Even if the economical politics will change in 2014 by implementing monetary easing, similar to what FED has imposed in the US. By looking at the chart we can see a triangle consolidation forming right next to the trend line, a break over the upper line might represent a trend continuation with 98.20 as first target. The opposite scenario with a implementation of risk aversion we have big chances to see … [Read more...]

FX:GBPUSD Holding Posisiton at 1.6 Level

Inverval: H1 GBPUSD walks on a thin line. 1.6000 level is holding for the moment pretty well, but if the pressure will rise, it might fall, under it the price will find support at 1.5920. On the other hand, if the buyers will prove themselves strong, will push the price back over 1.6030, triggering an up move with target at 1,6100. For the moment we find ourselves in a waiting position … [Read more...]

FX:EUR/USD Indicator RSI Broke Trend Line in Triangle

Interval: H4 I would go with an up break, the RSI has broken the down trend line, and got out of the triangle. But this would mean that Draghi will sustain the Euro. Keeping the interest rate at the current level, but also he would have to keep a positive note at the press conference. If the price will break up then only 1.3140 could stay in the price way to 1.33. On the other hand, a down break would have to be powerful enough to get under 1.3 to touch 1.2660. … [Read more...]