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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Receives Praise

Japan’s economy is the leader in terms of improvements and good receptiveness to the monetary policy. Today’s release of the gross domestic product showing a more producing economy with 0.9% exceeds United States and confirms investors that the new Prime Minister is taking good decisions. Private consumption rose at 0.9% (as expectations) showing that people are more oriented towards spending more, relying on the economy which would supply them with higher salaries (industrial production revealed a positive surprise of 0.9%).

Moreover, Japan’s economy is going to be fully driven by “Abenomics” rules. Thus, structural reform and deregulation is the third plan that is going to be implemented next month after hyper easy monetary policy and big spending. On Friday Shinzo Abe is expected to have a public speech. Among all the future plans that are expected to be announced, there is a free trade pact with U.S. which is in talks.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Receives Praise by