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Wrap Up 15-19 April USDJPY Up 1.33%

Revised Industrial Production m/m




Consumer Confidence




Trade Balance




All Industries Activity m/m




Japan released some interesting numbers last week. Consumer Confidence, which was an exception, was published under market expectations with a value of 44.8, but the Revised Industrial Production and All Industries Activity rose to 0.6%. Other good news came from G20 where BOJ got green light for its monetary easing. This triggered a drop of at least 1 percent of the yen in front of its 16 most traded peers.

Next week main events will be on Friday, when Tokyo Core CPI will be published followed by the Monetary Policy Statement and BOJ Press Conference.


Looking at the chart of USDJPY we will see that after the shooting star the yen gained and touched the 96.50 support and bounced back to 99.50. For next week we may expect a break through 100.00 key level.

Wrap Up 15-19 April USDJPY Up 1.33% by