No Measure Is Taken Against Syria

Even if the guilty of the President Bashar al-Assad’s attack was proved (because deadly sarin gas was used), the countries that got involved in this matter so far, now have remained motionless. “The red line” was removed by the man who imposed it in the first place. In the present case we are speaking about U.S. whose president Barak Obama doesn’t want to take any decision involving military force without consulting with the Congress. The decision-making process in this situation may be a long and complicated one. Also France and United Kingdom joined the same idea, seeing themselves unable to take proper measures in this situation. Faced with this case, the Arabic world takes the chance to show their fearless and strength. During a meeting with Iranian official, the president of Syria talked about the capacity of his country to face any external attack, indirectly threatening any possible formation of a coalition against them.

This “historical retreat” of the U.S. means one step back due to fear or due to the need of time in order to get prepared for a serious intervention? Or it was all about proving that the U.S. are able to action in this matter, resulting in an appreciation of the American dollar which benefited as an importing country? In any case, considering the U.S.’s economic situation, getting ready to taper the QE program, the majority of the democrats may choose to keep their states away from such a demanding and expensive event. The country’s leadership decided to wait a bit to see how things are evolving and what other reactions may be evoked.

The first reaction that occurred is Saudi Arabia’s ask for intervention in Syria in order to stop any possible violent events. This may be the beginning of the global consensus for stopping the civil war that Syria holds at present and which had been killing over 100.000 people in the past two and a half years. We have reasons to believe that Obama’s intention to delay any final decision is due to force forming a global consensus that would have the power by its size to fight Syria.

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