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How Real Estate Can Be Part Of A Lifetime Financial Plan

Buying your first home or your fifth requires re-education every time you do it. Why? This is because markets and opportunities change. Nancy Flint-Budde, a "CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER" professional from Salem, New York, says, individuals have gotten quite an education in investing from 1999 to 2006. See what various markets have done. In 1999, everyone wanted to be in the stock market. By 2000, nobody wanted anything in bonds. And in 2005, the real estate market, which had been … [Read more...]

College Savings Plan

Some big questions have recently been answered about 529 plans, not the least of which is the extension of their tax-free status by Congress. Uncertainty on these issues had slowed contributions to these once wildly popular plans. According to Boston-based Financial Research Cooperative, growth in the number of new accounts slowed to an average quarterly rate of 4 percent in 2005 from an average of 21 percent in 2002. 529 plans are complex to sort out without some sort of help, and it's … [Read more...]

Starting Late College Financing Options

As we've noted, a staggeringly large percentage of families haven't planned adequately for their children's college tuition. Of course, with tuition rising between 5 and 8 percent annually over the last decade, inflation certainly hasn't kept up with one of our most crucial expenses in life. It's easy for a parent or a child-to feel depressed about inadequate savings for college as little as two or three years before graduation. To that, we offer three words: Get over it. The bottom line … [Read more...]

Planning For Marriage Or Partnership

If everyone who explored the institution of marriage explored their feelings about money first, the divorce rate in this country might not be so high. There's a very understandable reason money is so tough to talk about it's the toughest of all subjects. The ability to deal effectively with money is a reflection of so many things personal discipline and goals, family background, and past mistakes. It's often easier to discuss the unpleasant moments in one's relationship history than money … [Read more...]

Making Plans For Every Stage Of Family Life

Getting married, having kids, going through a divorce, or death of a spouse. Each stage of family life has its own expensive realities. It makes sense to plan for the best in life as well as the worst, says Peggy Houser, a Denver based fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional. While no family situation is exactly alike and planners may take different approaches to sorting through problems, Houser believes there is one central issue to preventing financial crises and making tough … [Read more...]

Tax Planning For The New Business Owner

Consider carefully your choice of business entity, and refer to that discussion to be sure you've made an informed choice. The taxes you pay As someone who owns a business or as an employer-you essentially act as your own employer even if you're a sole proprietor you are required to collect various state and federal taxes and submit them to the appropriate agencies. It's best to work with a CPA or other tax professional in knowing what taxes to pay and when. Some of these taxes … [Read more...]

What Financial Expertise Do You Need?

There are many people who run their financial lives solo and do a great job. But for most of us, we don't have the time to get our knowledge and skills up to the professional level required as our financial, career and personal lives get more complex. To do these things, and more important, to keep abreast of the latest information out there, we often pay experts to handle our financial planning, tax strategy, and investments. That doesn't mean we are required to do these things. But let's … [Read more...]

Creating A Lifetime Career-Money Strategy

At one time, Americans could count on the three-legged stool of traditional pension, adequate savings, and Social Security. No more. Atlanta planner Elizabeth Jetton knows that personal saving and investing and making the most out of employer benefits is more important than before. But a financial planner adds value to the process in other ways too. "A planner should be asking you if you're happy with your choices. And if you're not happy with your choices, you need to be able to make a … [Read more...]

How To Get Organized

Whether you work with experts or not, getting your finances under control means taking actual steps to do so. And again, whether you are working independently or with an expert, you need to be able to research various investment and tax choices and catalog that information before you make the choices you need to make. Start by being skeptical about investment research When talking about investment research, trust no one-at least initially. When the markets climbed in the 1990s, so did the … [Read more...]

3 Things That Make The Difference Between Winners and Losers

Becoming a successful forex trader isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but there are a bunch of things you can do to put yourself in the right position to excel. Sometimes it’s based purely on luck, but most of the times it’s based on the sanctity of the trader (as well as their experience level). There’s no way to trade without any risk at all, and there’s no such thing as a formula to success when it comes to forex trading. The market itself is like a big open space of water, and finding the … [Read more...]

Why Do Forex Traders Fail ?

When it comes to being efficiency and accessible, the forex market is one of the largest (well, it’s the largest) financial market that we’ve come to know on this planet. Seeing as it’s so appealing there’s obviously going to be some new faces popping up on a consistent basis, but that doesn’t mean that these new traders are going to be incredibly successful. To be completely honest, when it comes to forex trading there are only a few select traders that could be considered “successful”. … [Read more...]

Do You Know What Kind Of A Trader Are You ?

The best traders in the business have things that separate themselves from the rest of the group, but what are the traits that they bring to the table? You need to be intelligent and willing to work when it comes to being a “big dog” in the forex trading world, but what are the other intricate attributes that need to be a part of your personality? There are an abundance of different ways to categorize a trader, but in the end there’s only the successful ones, as well as the not-so-successful … [Read more...]