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Advanced Forex Scalping Bollinger Strategy

This scalping system uses two types of Bollinger Bands and an Exponential Moving Average. It can be used on any currency pair and the time frame could be set from 1 minute to 15 minutes, but it seems to be working best on the 5 minutes chart.

Bollinger Bands is a technical indicator discovered by John Bollinger., its default settings are a moving average of 20 periods and a standard deviation of 2. This system uses one Bollinger Bands with a moving average of 21 and a standard deviation of 2 and one Bollinger Bands with the same moving average but with a standard deviation of 3.

The idea of the system is to look for the moments when the price touches the upper or the lower layer between the standard deviation of 2 and standard deviation of 3. Using 200 EMA will help the trader follow the important trend. If the price it is above the EMA the trader will look only for long entries. If the price is under the EMA then the trader will look for short positions.

The signal would be a candle which touches (or better closes) inside the layer between the two deviations and the confirmation would be a candle of the opposite color signaling the reversal.



If the conditions are fulfilled a trade should be opened on the opening of the third candle. The Stop Loss should be set under/above the previous two candles, on the low/high (depending if the price is under or above the 200 EMA). The first target can be set at the 21 moving average of the Bollinger Bands and the second target could be set on the upper/lower line of the Bollinger Bands with a standard deviation of 2. Look over the example bellow for better understanding. The same system can be applied also if the price is under the 200 EMA.



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@Sylvain- the person who wrote this article never tested this strategy. Of course it describes a strategy not a system, so the article doesn't include much detail. But in any case a system based on this strategy itself would never work, expect to burn 40% of a margin in a single day! The stop loss cannot be set this way. The entry trigger shouldn't be conditional on a trend, and a trend shouldn't be based on the position of the price to a 200 MA. It will result in plenty of positions taken... most of them leading to a loss, so just do the sum. Also the BB deviations are to think about. Best regards.


Funny scalping strategy. Just applied this system on 5 currencies among the advised ones, 5M charts, on a test account of course. 85% losses.


Need a chart to fully understand this strategy