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The Arabic World, Nuclear Discussions?

One month ago, Hassan Rowhani was elected president in Iran raising hopes for the beginning of a more stable and peaceful period. A clarification concerning the nuclear dispute with the West represented one of the main expectations. Today, Iran comes again to the attention of the world, being suspected about never interrupting its nuclear program, even more, developing it at considerable proportions. The doubts were given by the weak collaboration of Iran with IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency).

Israel is threatening to step in, without waiting for a possible intervention of the U.S., understanding the risks to which it is subject. The third actor of the Arabic world, Saudi Arabia, is perceiving both Iran and Israel as possible dangers. In this regard, it is suspected to prepare a military attack over the two countries. The Arab states are trying to prevent each other from building nuclear weapons. This not only that would start a new trend concerning the acquisition of weapons among the Arabic countries, but it would also increase the risk of a nuclear war that would be devastating for the entire planet.

The Arabic World, Nuclear Discussions? by